Soma Ghosh, Ph.D. – Albright College

Soma Ghosh, Ph.D.

Soma Ghosh, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics
Roessner Hall, 232

Ph.D., Economics, Clark University

M.A., Economics, Clark University


Dr. Ghosh teaches a wide range of courses that allows her to interact with students from all walks of Albright. Her First-year Seminars and Principles of Economics courses are designed for freshmen who are just beginning their college journey. In Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics, she teaches how data can be used to solve real-world problems, while the courses in Environmental Economics or Sport Economics and Finance equip students with skills and concepts that prepare them for a career of their choice.

As a graduate student, she began her pursuit of becoming a more effective teacher through the completion of a Certificate in College Teaching. She has continued her passion and professional development in teaching through contributions to several conferences, publications and certifications including the Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate.

She enjoys being out amidst nature, trips to the beach, or traveling with her family. She is always on the lookout for new and fun adventures such as a hot air balloon ride that she took in 2018.

Areas of Expertise

Sustainable Development

Sustainability in Local Governments

Environmental Sustainability in Higher Education

Corporate Social Responsibility

Education Policy

Economic Education

Courses Taught

BSA 105: Macroeconomics (QM reviewed course, asynchronous, online)

BUS 356: Sports Economics and Finance

BUS 915: Managerial Economics

ECO 105: Principles of Economics (QM reviewed course, online since May 2019)

ECO 207: Statistical Analysis for Economics and Business

FYS 100: First-Year Seminars

ECO 337: Public Finance and Policy

ECO 324: Environmental Economics

ECO 383: Urban Economics and Policy

ECO 481: Advanced Research

Professional Activities


  • Ghosh, Soma. (2020) “Business’s Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals: An analysis using the Five Ps framework.” Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, 9, (2): 54-71.
  • Ghosh, S. & Rajan, J. (2019) “The Business Case for SDGs: An Analysis of Inclusive Business Models in Emerging Economies.” International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 26, (4): 344-353.
  • Ghosh, Soma. (2017) “The STAR Community Rating System: An Analysis of the Communities Participating in the Program.”International Journal of Public Administration, 41, (16): 1396-1403.
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  • Ghosh, Soma. (2011) “Participation in School Choice: A Spatial Probit Analysis of Neighborhood Influence.” Annals of Regional Science, 50(1): 295-313
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  • Ghosh, Soma. (2010) “Strategic Interaction Among Public School Districts: Evidence on Spatial Interdependence in School Inputs.” Economics of Education Review, 29 (3), 440-450.

Conference Presentations:

  • “Has COVID-19 Changed our Consumption Patterns and Priorities?: An analysis of Sustainable Consumption through SDG 12”– Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA) Annual Conference, Nov. 2021.
  • Business’s Commitment to SDGs – Which SDGs Matter Most and Why?” NBEA Annual Conference, Nov. 2019.
  • “Moving from LOTS to HOTS: Integrating Ed-Tech Tools for Assessment” (with Jayanthi Rajan) – Academic Assessment Conference, Drexel University, Sept. 2019.
  • “Strategies to Increase Student Engagement through Integration of External Tools into Learning Management System” (with Jayanthi Rajan) – Lilly Conference, June 2019.
  • “Engaging Digital Natives through the use of Digital Content Curation for Research” (with Jayanthi Rajan) – workshop at the NABET conference, Nov. 2018.
  • “Local Action to address Climate Change: An Assessment of Climate Action in STAR-Certified Communities” – NBEA Annual Conference, Oct. 2018.
  • “Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 11: An Analysis of India’s Smart Cities”- Pennsylvania Economic Association (PEA), June 2018.
  • Panelist on Pedagogy in the Economics Classroom – PEA, June 2018.
  • “What Motivates MNEs Commitment to SDGs? An Analysis of MNEs in Emerging Economies” (with Jayanthi Rajan) – MESD Conference, Dec. 2017.
  • “Data Visualization through Infographic Tools: Applications in Business Courses”-(with Jayanthi Rajan) – Magna Teaching with Technology Conference, Oct. 2017.
  • “STAR Certified Communities: A Case Study of Reading, PA.”– Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Annual Conference, Oct. 2016.

Service to Albright:

  • Faculty Awards Committee (Fall 2019-present)
  • Writing Steering Committee – Social Science Representative (Fall 2021-present)
  • Inclusive Pedagogy Group (Fall 2021-present)
  • Course Evaluations Task Force (Fall 2021-present)
  • Faculty Appeals Committee – Social Science Representative (Spring 2022-present)
  • General Education Committee (Fall 2020-Spring 2021)
  • Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) (Fall 2020)
  • Professional Council (Fall 2013-2018)