Midori E. Hartman Ph.D. – Albright College

Midori E. Hartman Ph.D.

Midori E. Hartman Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
Chapel Basement

Ph.D. Historical Studies: Christianity in Late Antiquity (Drew University)

M.A.: Theological Studies (Vancouver School of Theology)

M.A.: Ancient Culture, Religion, and Ethnicity (University of British Columbia)

B.A.: Historic Preservation, Classical Civilization (University of Mary Washington)

Areas of Expertise

  • Roman Late Antiquity
  • Augustine of Hippo
  • Citizenship and Slavery Studies
  • Animality Studies
  • Classical and Biblical Reception

Areas of Research

  • 2020. “Dogs as the Other in St. Augustine’s The City of God: Exploring the Limits of Human Social Relations,” Encountering the Other: Christian and Multifaith Perspectives, eds. Laura Duhan-Kaplan and Harry O. Maier (Eugene: Wipf & Stock).


  • 2019 “A Little Porneia Leavens the Whole: Queer[ing] Limits of Community in 1 Cor 5,” Bodies on the Verge, ed. Joseph A. Marchal, Semeia Studies 93 (Atlanta: SBL).


  • 2017 “Beginning Again, Becoming Animal: Augustine’s Theology, Animality, and Pain in Genesis,” Studia Patristica 98, ed. M. Vinzent (Leuven and Paris: Peeters).


Courses Taught

  • REL 141: Understanding the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
  • REL 142: Understanding the New Testament
  • REL 154: Introduction to Classical Mythology
  • REL 253: History of Christianity to 1600
  • LAT 101: Elementary Latin I
  • LAT 102: Elementary Latin II