Lisa Hain, Psy.D. – Albright College

Lisa Hain, Psy.D.

Lisa Hain, Psy.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology, SPS


Psy.D., Psychology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
M.S. Psychology, School Psychology Specialization Certification Program, Millersville University
B.A., Psychology, Pennsylvania State University


Dr. Lisa Hain is a full-time faculty member in the SPS Organizational Behavior and Applied Psychology program. She was first employed as an adjunct instructor in 2015 and then became a full-time Assistant Professor in August 2016. Previous to this position, Lisa was an Assistant Professor with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, teaching in the graduate programs in school psychology. As part of her time there she served on the By-Laws Committee and the Student Professional Conduct Committee. In addition, she served as the Chair of the Student Professional Conduct Committee for a one-year term. She also served as a member of the Student Progress and Evaluation Committee for students in the psychology graduate programs.

Areas of Expertise

Research and statistics, learning, neuropsychology, neurodevelopmental disorders in children, school psychology, traumatic brain injury in children.

Licenses and Certifications

 PA Licensed Psychologist
PA Licensed Professional Counselor
Diplomate, American Board of School Neuropsychology (ABNSP)
Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP)
PA Certified School Psychologist (Educational Specialist II)
Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS)




Areas of Research

Hain, L. A., Baer, T., Helwig, M., Harkless, H., & Hadley, H. (2018, May). eBooks versus
textbooks: An exploration of preferences in undergraduate college students. Paper presentation presented at the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges Conference on Serving Adult Students, Allentown, PA.

Buzinkai, D., & Hain, L. A. (2015, February). Cognitive and academic profiles of gifted and talented students. Paper presentation presented at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.

Hain, L. A. (2014). Mental illness in children and adolescents. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Berks Bulletin, 1(2), 3-6.

Hale, J. B., Hain, L. A., Murphy, R., Cancelliere, G., Bindus, D. L., & Kubas, H. (2013).
The enigma of learning disabilities: Examination via a neuropsychological framework. In C. A. Noggle & R. S. Dean (Eds.), The neuropsychology of psychopathology. New York: Springer Publishing Company.

Hain, L. A., & Sweitzer, S. (2013, May). Placing a lens on Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders in children. Invited presentation for the New Jersey Association of School Psychologists (NJASP) Annual Conference, Jamesburg, NJ.

Hain, L. A., & Sweitzer, S. (2012, February). Raising awareness of Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders associated with Strep in children and adolescents. Mini skills presentation presented at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Hain, L. A. (2011, May). School reintegration for children with traumatic brain injury. Rovinsky Lecture for the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

Hale, J. B., Reddy, L. A., Semrund-Clikeman, M., Hain, L. A., Whitaker, J., Morley, J., et al. (2011). Executive impairment determines ADHD medication response: Implications for academic achievement. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 44(2), 196-212.

Hain, L. A., & Hale, J. B. (2010). Nonverbal learning disabilities or Asperger’s Syndrome: Clarification through cognitive hypothesis testing. In N. Mather & L. Jaffe (Eds.), Comprehensive evaluations: Case reports for psychologists, diagnosticians, and special educators. Hoboken, NJ: John      Wiley & Sons.

Hale, J. B., Metro, N., Kendorski, J. G., Hain, L. A., Whitaker, J., & Moldovan, J. (2010). Facilitating school reintegration for children with Traumatic Brain Injury. In A. Davis (Ed.), Handbook of Pediatric Neuropsychology. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Hain, L. A., Hale, J. B., & Kendorski, J. G. (2009). Comorbidity of psychopathology in cognitive and academic SLD subtypes. In S. G. Feifer & G. Rattan (Eds.), Emotional disorders: A neuropsychological, psychopharmacological, and educational perspective (pp.199-234). Middletown, MD:      School Neuropsych Press

Hale, J. B., Reddy, L. A., Wilcox, G., McLaughlin, A., Hain, L. A., Stern, A. et al. (2009). Best practices in assessing and intervening with ADD/ADHD children and children with other frontal-striatal circuit disorders. In D. Miller (Ed.), Best practices in school neuropsychology: Guidelines for           effective practice, assessment, and evidence-based intervention. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Courses Taught

Research Methods
Quantitative Analysis
Program Evaluation
Applied Project I
Applied Project II
Topics in Psychology
Learning and Motivation
Group Dynamics
Abnormal Psychology