Kyle Hosking, M.S. – Albright College

Kyle Hosking, M.S.

Kyle Hosking, M.S.

Adjunct Lecturer in Sociology-Criminal Justice

St Joseph’s University


Professor Hosking is a full-time police officer serving in various capacities throughout his career. He has served as a detective, patrol sergeant, and is involved with many multijurisdictional teams. Professor Hosking is a member of the Lancaster County Major Crimes Team, Lancaster County Forensics Team, Lancaster County Crisis Intervention Team, South Central Task Force, and the Lancaster County Human Trafficking Task Force.

Professor Hosking has investigated violent crimes, human trafficking, sexual crimes against children, and many other violent acts against citizens within his jurisdictions. Professor Hosking enjoys teaching those that are interested in law enforcement and students who want to learn more about the criminal justice system. He enjoys teaching from experience in the field as well as his academic studies.

His professional accomplishments include numerous life-saving awards, various investigative commendations, district attorney recognitions, and police officer of the year honors.

Areas of Expertise

Criminal Justice
Crime and Deviance
Crimes Against Children
Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault/Abuse
Tactical Decision Making

Courses Taught

SOC202 The Criminal Justice System
SOC253 Criminal Investigations
SOC254 Advanced Criminal Investigations
SOC385 Violence and Victims