Geeske Charlotte Dünnhaupt – Albright College

Geeske Charlotte Dünnhaupt

Geeske Charlotte Dünnhaupt

Visiting Instructor of German


Hometown: Osnabrück, Germany

Geeske Dünnhaupt’s German students might be surprised to learn that she aspires to be a future English and physical education teacher. In her eyes, sport has the power of bringing people together and teaching individuals essential values such as working in a team, being fair and respectful, learning to deal with defeat, being resilient and more.

Interestingly, Dünnhaupt’s passion for the English language and its cultures didn’t spark until secondary school, when her inspiring English teacher whipped up her enthusiasm for the language and showed her what a good teacher should be. This experience motivated Dünnhaupt to become a teacher.

After graduating from high school, Dünnhaupt participated in a Rotary student exchange program and lived in Ohio for a year. Since then, the U.S. has been a second home for her. In 2019, she completed a Bachelor of Science in English and American studies and in sport/sport science at the University of Osnabrück. She completed her Master of Education degree from the same university in 2022 and began teaching secondary school while completing her master’s degree.

As a visiting Albright instructor, Dünnhaupt wants to embrace the opportunity of gaining practical experience abroad while inspiring Americans for the German language and culture. Find her outside of the classroom meeting new people while trying out new sports!