Erin Ventresca, Ph.D. – Albright College

Erin Ventresca, Ph.D.

Erin Ventresca, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology; Health Sciences Advisor
Science Center room 139

Ph.D., Temple University (Biology)
B.S., Ursinus College (Biology)

Areas of Expertise

  • Adult stem cells
  • Oogenesis
  • Aging
  • Understanding how integrin receptors influence adult stem cell activities


Areas of Research


  • Ventresca EM, Lecht S, Jakubowski P, Chiaverelli RA, Weaver M, Del Valle L, Ettinger K, Gincberg G, Priel A, Braiman A, Lazarovici P, Lelkes PI, Marcinkiewicz C. (2015) “Association of p75(NTR) and α9β1 integrin modulates NGF-dependent cellular responses.” Cell Signaling 27(6): 1225-36.
  • Hartman TR*, Ventresca EM*, Hopkins A, Zinshteyn D, Singh T, O’Brien JA, Neubert BC, Hartman MG, Schofield HK, Stavrides KP, Talbot DE, Riggs DJ, Pritchard C, O’Reilly AM. (2015) “Novel tools for genetic manipulation of follicle stem cells in the Drosophila ovary reveal an integrin-dependent transition from quiescence to proliferation.” Genetics 199(4): 935-57.
  • Walsh EM, Kim R, Weaver M, Del Valle L, Sheffield J, Lazarovici P, Marcinkiewicz, C. (2011) “Importance of α9β1 integrin in progression of glioma angiogenesis”. Neuro Oncol. Jul;14(7):890-901.
  • Walsh EM, Marcinkiewicz C (2011) “Non-RGD-containing snake venom disintegrins, functional and structural relations.” Toxicon 54(4): 355-362.
  • Saldanha-Gama, Moraes JA, Mariano-Oliveira A, Coelho AL, Walsh EM, Marcinkiewicz C, Barja-Fidalgo C. (2010) “Alpha9 beta1 integrin engagement inhibits neutrophil spontaneous apoptosis: involvement of Bcl-2 family members.” Biochim Biophys Acta 1803(7): 848-857.
  • Staniszewska I, Walsh EM, Rothman VL, Gaathon A, Tuszynski GP, Calvete JJ, Lazarovici P, Marcinkiewicz C. (2009) “Effect of VP12 and viperistatin on inhibition of collagen-receptor-dependent melanoma metastasis.” Cancer Biol Ther 8(15): 1507-16.
  • Staniszewska I, Sariyer IK, Lecht S, Brown MC, Walsh EM, Tuszynski GP, Safak M, Lazarovici P, Marcinkiewicz C. (2008) “Integrin alpha9 beta1 is a receptor for nerve growth factor and other neurotrophins.” J Cell Sci 121(Pt 4): 504-13.
  • Brown MC, Calvete JJ, Staniszewska I, Walsh EM, Perez-Liz G, Del Valle L, Lazarovici P, Marcinkiewicz C. (2007) “VEGF-related protein isolated from Vipera palestinae venom, promotes angiogenesis.” Growth Factors 25(2): 108-17.


Recent Student Research Collaborations

  • Mara Trifoi ’20: “Increased Sugar Ingestion Causes Premature Adult Stem Cell Loss Due to Increased PI3k-Dependent Cell Proliferation in Drosophila melanogaster”
  • Courtney Gehman ’18: “Effect of Isoflavones on Drosophila melanogaster Larval Survival”


Courses Taught

BIO 101: Concepts and Connections in Biology

BIO 151: General Biology I (Structure and Function)

BIO 327: Histology and Microtechniques

BIO 333: Developmental Biology

BIO 499: Cell Signaling