Devon B. Mason, Ph.D. – Albright College

Devon B. Mason, Ph.D.

Devon B. Mason, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Physics

Ph.D.: University at Albany
M.A.: University at Albany
B.S.: Mansfield University
B.S.: Air Force Institute of Technology

Areas of Research

  • “1000 solved problems in modern physics” by Ahmad Kamal, book, reviewed in Jan. 2011 Choice magazine
  • “Introduction to optics” by Germain Chartier, book, reviewed in Nov. 2005 Choice magazine
  • “Modern lens design, 2nd edition” by Warren J. Smith, book, reviewed in June 2005 Choice magazine
  • “Field guide to geometrical optics” by John Greivenkamp, book, reviewed in Oct. 2004 Choice magazine
  • “Atmospheric Optics,” Internet resource, reviewed in 2004 Choice supplement
  • “Advanced space system concepts and technologies: 2010-2030+” by Ivan Bekey, book, reviewed in Nov. 2003 Choice magazine
  • “The Century of Space Science” ed. by Johan Bleeker, Johannes Geiss and Martin Huber, book, reviewed in May 2003 Choice magazine
  • “Light years and time travel” by Brian Clegg, book, reviewed in July 2002 Choice magazine
  • Charles B. Hogge, John F. Schultz, Devon B. Mason and William E. Thompson, “Physical Optics of Multiaperture Systems,” Appl. Opt. 27, 5127 (1988)

Recent Student Research Collaborators

  • 2003-04: Adam Forrer, “Applications of Computer Animation in Physics Education”