Denise G. Meister, Ph.D. – Albright College

Denise G. Meister, Ph.D.

Denise G. Meister, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education
Masters Hall 11

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Pennsylvania State University

Areas of Expertise

Curriculum and Instruction

Areas of Research

Book Publications

Nolan, J., & Meister, D. G.  (2000).  Teachers and educational change: The lived experience of a secondary school restructuring.  New York, NY: SUNY Press.

Bureau, E., Clapper, J., Goodnack, J., Goodwin, S., Healey, P., Hoover, L., Meister,

D., & Nolan J.  (1994).  Improving your teacher supervision and evaluation process through district self-assessment.  Lancaster, PA:  Pennsylvania ASCD.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Sprow-Forte, K., & Meister, D.G. (November 2015). Building support for ELs: Strategies for creating a school culture of academic success. Research Brief. Center for Schools and Communities, Division of the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, a public education service agency. (Invited Publication).

Wilburne, J., & Meister, D.G. (2014). Co-Teaching in Clinical Experiences: Student Teacher Transitions. International Journal of Teaching and Education, 2(4), 89-101.

Wilburne, J., & Meister, D.G. (2014). Co-Teaching in the Age of Accountability: Secondary Student Teachers’ and Mentor Teachers’ Co-Teaching Experiences Proceedings of the 12th International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences. October 4, 2014. Prague, Czech Republic.

Meister, D.G. (2013). Classroom management: Key to teacher success. Journal of Social Sciences, Usak University. ISSN: 1309-738X.

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Healey, P., & Meister, D. G.  (Fall 1997).   A process to assess teacher supervision and evaluation policies and practices.  Pennsylvania Educational Leadership, 17 (1), 51-53.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate: Communication Skills for Teachers, Methods of Teaching, Professional Seminar
Graduate: Current Issues in Education; Masters Seminar