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Charles Brown, Ph.D.

Charles Brown, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology
Selwyn Hall 203

Southern Illinois University


Dr. Brown was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and earned his Ph.D. in sociology at Southern Illinois University where he took comprehensive examinations in cultural sociology, sociology of religion, social theory/research methods, and the sociology of organizations. His past research includes a formulaic analysis of the lyrics and major themes of conservative Christian death metal music and an analysis of contemporary evangelical Christian culture, especially popular culture, and how various tensions within the Christian popular culture industry are recognized and mediated. His current research interests include the sociology of the paranormal and the sociology of extreme sport. He is currently the book review editor of the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, as well as the advisor to the Albright chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honors society.

Areas of Expertise

Cultural Sociology
Mass media and popular culture
Social Theory
Social Movements

Areas of Research

Selected Professional Activity and Publications

Brown, Charles M.  2012.  “Selling Faith: Marketing Christian Popular Culture to Christian and Non-Christian Audiences.”  Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.  24(1): 113-129.

Brown, Charles M. August 2011. “Faith as a Cultural Resource: Minimizing Uncertainty in the Christian Retailing and Entertainment Industry.” Unpublished paper at the Association for the Sociology of Religion Annual Meetings, Las Vegas, NV.

Brown, Charles M. 2004. “Apocalyptic Unbound: An Interpretation of Christian Speed/Thrash Metal Music,” Pp. 117-137 in Religious Innovation in a Global Age: Essays On The Construction of Spirituality, edited by George N. Lundskow. Jefferson NC: McFarland & Company.

Brown, Charles M. 1995. “Musical Responses to Oppression and Alienation: Blues, Spirituals, Secular Thrash, and Christian Thrash Metal Music.” International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society. 8(3): 439-452.

Courses Taught

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC210 Research Methods
SOC213 Social Theory
SOC230 Cultural Sociology
SOC231 Cults and New Religious Movements
SOC333 Sociology of Religion
SOC490 Senior Seminar

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