Carla Abodalo, MS – Albright College

Carla Abodalo, MS

Carla Abodalo, MS

Senior Instructor of Sociology
Selwyn Hall 202

Saint Joseph’s University


Professor Abodalo is a criminologist with extensive experience in violent crimes. Whether it is delving into the mind of a serial killer or learning of the lifelong trauma and pain associated with being a crime victim she fosters a learning environment for students where connections between experiential and scholarly knowledge are examined. To enhance these connections, she established a departmental Crime Lab utilized by students for the collection, analysis and staging of “mock” crime scenes. She also serves as faculty advisor for the Criminal Justice Society, and is a supporting faculty member for the Women and Gender Studies Program.

Extending beyond Professor Abodalo’s teaching career of twenty-four years, she is a staunch advocate committed to increasing the quality of justice and reduction of violence against women and children globally. Her professional accomplishments include travel to the Middle East, to raise awareness for the prevention of Honor Killings and participating in several documentaries sponsored by the Department of State, Office of Foreign Broadcast Support. Locally, she served on the Board of Directors for Safe Berks and the Berks County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board.

Areas of Expertise

Criminal Justice
Crime and Deviance
Domestic Violence
Organized Crime
Child Sex Abuse
Serial Murder

Areas of Research

Selected Professional Activity and Publications

    • 2018 BCTV. “Criminal Justice Reform in America.” (interview and commentary).

2017 The Pennsylvania Capitol, Harrisburg, PA. “All Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Deserve the Real Deal.” (interview and commentary).

2014 Exeter Against Abuse. (Panel discussion on issue of Child Sexual Abuse).

2013 The Reading Eagle. “One in 5 U.S. College Women Victim of Sexual Assault.”
(interview and commentary).

2013 The Reading Eagle. “Charges of Abuse by Educators Rise.” (interview and

2013 BCTV. “Reassessing Incarceration in Pennsylvania.” (panel discussion)

2012 United States Department of State/ Office of Foreign Broadcast. “El Salvador,
A Safer Society.” (documentary film)

Brudereck, Jason. “Flash-mob Violence Unlikely in Berks, Officials Say,” Reading Eagle, August 26, 2011.

Artistic Production

SOC251 Crime and Deviance
SOC305 Terrorism
SOC307 Organized Crime
SOC311 Domestic Violence
SOC460 Serial Murder and Criminal Profiling