Barton Thompson, Ph.D. | Albright College

Barton Thompson, Ph.D.

Barton Thompson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology
Selwyn Hall 201

University of California-Santa Barbara

Areas of Expertise

Hunters and gatherers
Humans and their environment
Human evolution
Evolutionary psychology

Areas of Research

Selected Professional Activity and Publications

Thompson, B. 2016. ‘Sense of Place Among Hunter-Gatherers’ Cross-Cultural Research, Volume 50, number 4

Thompson, B. 2016. “How ‘Global’ Can We Be? Insights from the Environmental Field” in Langran, I. & Birk, T. (Eds.)Chapter 10 In Globalization, Global Citizenship, Interdisciplinary approaches pp. 143-155  London: Routledge

Thompson, Barton, and David Osgood. 2011. “Community Management, Self-interest and Environmental Preservation in the Amazon.” Interdisciplinary Environmental Review 12(2): 128-145.