Christopher J. Catone, Ph.D., Chair | Albright College

Christopher J. Catone, Ph.D., Chair

Christopher J. Catone, Ph.D., Chair

Associate Professor of Mathematics; Department Chair
CCM 119

Ph.D.: University of Colorado at Boulder
B.S.: The College of New Jersey

Areas of Expertise

  • Differential Geometry, Geometry, Mathematical Pedagogy

Areas of Research

  • R. Smith, C. Catone, et. all, A Geometrical Approach to the Motion Planning Problem for a Submerged Rigid Body,  International Journal of Control, 82:9(2009), 1641-1656.
  • Ch.J. Catone, Projective Equivalence of Finsler and Riemannian Surfaces, Differential Geometry and Its Applications, 26 (2008), 404-418.

Student Collaborations:

  • 2013-14: Matthew Smith, “Minimal Surfaces, Soap FIlms, and the Weierstrass-Enneper Representation”
  • 2008-09: Danielle Smiley, “A Comparison of Riemann and Lebesgue Integration”