Emergency Closing Information – Albright College

Emergency Closing Information

Snow-covered campus

Albright inclement weather information is first posted through the college’s e2Campus alert system and the albright.edu website. Information on this page will be updated regularly. Please refresh your browser to ensure that you are receiving the most current information.

Albright College Inclement Weather or Emergency Closing

What Things Mean

College Opening Late. When Albright designates a late opening time (such as 9:30 or 10 a.m.), classes beginning before the designated time are canceled.

Day Classes Canceled. All classes on the main campus normally scheduled from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. are canceled, and administrative offices are closed. Designated key emergency personnel should report to work. Please note: Because of changing conditions, evening classes may be held even when day classes have been cancelled.

Evening Classes Canceled. All classes on the main campus normally scheduled from 5 p.m. and after are canceled. (See also SPS info below.)

Activities, athletic events or individual facilities may be canceled or closed even when the college is open. Individual events may take place even when classes are canceled.

Status may change: For example, a one-hour delay may later change to a two-hour or longer delay or change to a closing. Late-afternoon and evening classes may be cancelled even if the college has been open all day.

Faculty and Staff: Key emergency personnel must report even when classes are canceled. For complete information on reporting, see the Albright College weather policy on the Albright intranet or in the Employee Handbook.

School of Professional Studies (SPS) locations: Check the Albright website for continuously updated information about closings in all SPS locations: https://www.albright.edu/emergency-closing-information/

How to Find Out What’s Happening

e2Campus text messages, the Albright website, and college email, are the first places where information is posted and updated. Information is also posted to Facebook and Twitter as it becomes available.

  • e2Campus text message: A brief text message from the emergency text messaging system e2Campus will provide status updates. Sign up or login here, and keep your cell phone on.
  • Albright website: Top-level information is posted on the home page; more detailed info is at https://www.albright.edu/emergency-closing-information/

Albright College weather-related policies: