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Student Accounts

Statement of Account

The Fall 2021 Statements of Account (eBill) will be available online at LionPay on or after July 9, 2021.  The initial Fall statement reflects charges and credits for the Fall 2021 term and are billed at the semester rate. Payment of the Fall balance reflected as “Total Payment Due” is payable by August 11, 2021.

Subsequent statements (eBills) will only be issued electronically via LionPay with payment due by the designated due date on the statement.  Statements will include any transactions from the prior statement date. Other charges that may appear include purchases from the bookstore and snack bars, Gable Health Center, field trip fees, student organization fundraising charges, and fines and penalties. Credit balances incurred are reflected as negative Payment Due ($-xxx.xx).

Spring 2022 statements will be issued mid-December with a due date in early January 2022.

Sample eBill Statement on LionPay


Albright College is pleased to provide an online billing and payment center called LionPay that allows electronic payment and billing services for our students and families. This service provides easy online access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week so students and other users will be able to receive monthly statements electronically, view current balance information and account activity including financial aid disbursements, and pay College charges and fees. Additionally, students can give authorization to another party such as a parent/guardian or other user to view electronic statements and make payments on a student’s behalf. LionPay is the quickest, most effective way to keep current with your account.

How to Access Your Account on LionPay
To get started, go to Self Service. Go to “Finances” and click on “LionPay.” The student will be directed to the main page of the online billing and payment center. The student can also designate other parties such as a parent/guardian or other user to view statements and make payments on their behalf by establishing them as a “Payer”.

Students can only access LionPay through Self Service. If you need assistance with your LionLink credentials, please visit Digital Strategy & Infrastructure (DSI) or contact their office at 610-921-7676 or by email at

How to Establish Your Parent/Guardian/Other as a Payer
To designate a parent/guardian or other party as a “Payer”, which will allow them to view statements, current activity and make payments on your behalf, log into LionPay, go to your profile on the left side menu. Under “Payers” click on “Send a payer invitation.” Students will be asked to provide the Payer’s information before sending the invitation. An email will be sent to each new party with their username, password and link to access LionPay. Payers can log in at Please be aware that you must first complete the authorization for the parent/guardian or other designee to access LionPay.

Some users may experience issues with Internet Explorer while using LionPay. We suggest that you change your internet browser to FireFox, Google Chrome or another version of internet explorer by changing the compatibility mode.

Notification of eBill Statements
Each month students will be sent an email from their Albright email address when a new eBill is issued. Additionally, any parent, guardian or anyone else established as a “Payer” will be notified via email of the new statement. The subject line will state “Your Albright College eBill is available to view” and will be sent from Reminder emails also will be sent to students and any other user should an eBill not be initially viewed. It is important that this email is added to your safe sender’s list as the College will only be issuing monthly statements electronically through LionPay.

SMS notifications (texts) are now available for eBill notifications for students and Payers. Students can enroll in this feature by logging into LionPay and going to their profile on the left side bar. Under SMS notifications, select “Sign Up,” add your mobile number and service provider and complete the confirmation. Students must grant permission for Payers to receive SMS notifications.

Enrolling in Direct Deposit Refunds (eRefund)

To receive any student account refund in a timely fashion, you can enroll in direct deposit refunds (eRefund).  This will allow you to receive your refund electronically through your checking or savings account that you designate in LionPay.  To enroll in direct deposit refunds (eRefund), follow these steps:

  • Log into LionPay via
  • Click on “Sign Up for direct deposit refunds” on the Overview page or under your Profile:
  • Review Terms and Conditions
  • Select: I agree->Continue
  • Choose new bank account or saved bank account
  • Add account holder name
  • Select account type
  • Add routing transit number
  • Add bank account number
  • Confirm bank account number->Continue
  • Review and confirm bank information->Complete
  • An email confirmation will be sent to your Albright email account confirming you are enrolled in the eRefund program.

After your enrollment is completed, a prenote is sent to your bank that can take up to ten (10) days to clear.  Any pending student account refund will not be issued as a direct deposit until confirmation is received of the successful prenote to your bank account.

Please keep in mind that enrollment is this feature does not automatically release any credit from your student account as you are still required to complete a Student Account Refund Request Form on and choose the option “direct deposit through LionPay”.

Important Log in Information

Log in using Self Service.

Authorized User (Parent/Guardian)
Student must first “send an invitation” to a parent/guardian for access to LionPay. Once “invited,” log in at

Paying Your Account

Your payment due or personal balance not covered by financial aid is due by the payment due date reflected on the eBill Statement:

When to pay

By the date shown as “Due Date” on each eBill statement
Fall 2021 – August 11, 2021
Spring 2022 – early January 2022

What to pay

The amount listed as “Total Payment Due” on the eBill

The Revised Balance due per the Fall 2021 Remittance Worksheet. This worksheet will assist you in determining the appropriate “Total Payment Due” when certain charges or credits are not reflected on the July Statement of Account.  Instructions are included to guide you to the revised balance due by August 11, 2021.

How to remit your payment:

Online at LionPay and process either an electronic check or credit card payment (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express) on a secured website. A convenience fee of 2.75% will be assessed on all credit and debit card payments.

By mail via a check or money order to the College’s lockbox processing center at P.O. Box 673, Ithaca, NY 14851-0673. To ensure proper crediting to your student account, the remittance portion of the Statement should accompany your payment.

In person at the Student Accounts Office located in the Student Services Center.  The Cashier will accept cash, check and money orders to all accounts. (Note: all credit card payments must be processed online at LionPay)

Enrolling in a four or five monthly payment plan available at LionPay. Log into LIonPay and click on “View payment plan options” to begin the enrollment process.

Applying for a Federal Direct PLUS loan available at and/or private student loans at The Financial Aid Office can provide additional information regarding these loans options by contacting them at

Monthly Payment Plan

The Student Accounts Office is pleased to offer an optional monthly payment plan that allows you to take your personal balance (after financial aid) or any portion thereof, and spread the payments over a 4 or 5 -month period. This option allows you to make smaller payments throughout the semester instead of one lump sum payment by the semester’s due date.

The payment plans are interest free and only require an enrollment fee of $35 per semester. To view and begin the enrollment process, log into LionPay and click on “View payment plan options”.

Fall 2021 payment plans available:

  • Five monthly payments due the first of each month from July 1 to November 1
  • Five monthly payments due the tenth of each month from July 10 to November 10
  • Four monthly payments due the first of each month from August 1 to November 1
  • Four monthly payments due the tenth of each month from August 10 to November 10

Calculating your monthly payment:

Fall 2021 Tuition$________________
Fall 2021 Student Service Fee$________________
Fall 2021 Room/Board$________________
Total Semester Fees (A)$________________

Per Semester Credits:

Fall 2021 Grants/Scholarships$________________
Fall 2021 Loans$________________
Total Semester Credits (B)$________________

Your Semester Payment Plan Amount:

Subtract Total Semester Credits (B) from Total Semester Fees (A) to determine your semester plan amount$________________

Your Monthly Payment:

Divide your semester payment plan amount by either 4 or 5 months to arrive at your monthly payment$________________

The Student Accounts Office can also provide assistance with determining your plan amount by calling our office at 610-921-7777 or by email at

Payment Policy

The balance on College statements is required to be fully paid by the indicated “Due Date.”  Late fees at a rate of 1.5% (18% annually) will be assessed to the student account on any unpaid balance.   Late fees will also be assessed when required financial aid documentation is not received by the Financial Aid Office to complete their verification review and for incomplete Direct Stafford Loan Master Promissory Notes and Entrance Counseling.  These fees will continue to accrue each month on all past due balances.

Employees, dependents, spouses or domestic partners that are eligible for tuition remission benefits are required to submit their required paperwork to Human Resources in a timely fashion to meet the payment due date of the monthly statement.  Likewise, any book costs or miscellaneous charges incurred that are not covered by the tuition remission benefit are subject to late payment fees if not satisfied by the “Due Date.”

Any request for a late payment appeal will only be reviewed if the appeal is in writing, and is received within thirty (30) days of the date of the late fee assessment. The appeal must indicate the student’s name and student ID, and the justification for the appeal.  Appeals will not be granted unless all other remaining account charges are fully paid.

Financial Responsibility Agreement

Each student who enrolls at Albright College is required to sign a Financial Responsibility Form that states the following:

I agree to be bound by the Educational Expenses and Refunds policies as presented in the Albright College Catalog and on the College web site. I accept responsibility for payment of any expenses incurred at Albright College, and agree to render payment to Albright College upon receipt of a statement by the due date printed on the statement.

I also understand that should payment fail to be remitted by the specified billing due dates, a 1.5% late payment fee will be applied to the outstanding account balance each month until the account is paid in full. I further understand that should I stop attending Albright College for any reason, my current total financial obligation shall become due and payable immediately. I also understand and acknowledge that failure to fully satisfy my total financial obligation may result in my account being referred to a collection agency or attorney for the full amount due plus all collection costs at a minimum of 33 1/3% of the outstanding balance and legal fees. I also hereby authorize Albright College or its representatives to contact me via my cell phone. Accounts placed with a collection agency may be reported to a credit bureau. Should it become necessary on the part of the College to enter into litigation regarding the account balance, I agree that any such case will be adjudicated within the Berks County, Pennsylvania Court System. Finally, I also authorize Albright College to deduct any outstanding debts from my final paycheck(s) if employed by the College.

The form can be returned to the Student Accounts Office at P.O. Box 15234, Reading, PA  19612-5234.

Title IV Authorization Form

Per Federal regulations, this form is to be completed by any student who is a recipient of Title IV federal aid assistance*, to determine if a student’s Title IV aid can be used for payment of non-institutional current charges** and prior term charges up to $200.  Also, permission is needed to retain any excess federal funds on the student account until the end of the academic year.

It is important that the completed authorization be returned to the Student Accounts Office as soon as possible.  Should you determine at a later date that you need to change or rescind the form, please send a letter with your name and student identification number indicating that you are rescinding your authorizations or you can complete a new form updating your authorizations.

*Title IV Federal aid includes Federal Pell and SEOG grants, Federal Perkins and Federal Direct Stafford loans and Parent and Graduate Federal Direct PLUS loans.

**Non-institutional charges include bookstore charges, health center fees, snack bar charges, parking fines, library fines, room fines, trip fines, organization fundraising charges, trip fees and miscellaneous charges as required.

Credit Balance Refund Policy

Students who’s account reflects a valid credit balance as indicated by $-x.xx may request a refund. For any credit balance to be considered valid, all credits including financial aid, private scholarships, Veteran benefits and private student loans must be received and posted to the student account, and the student’s enrollment in the given semester has been confirmed (i.e. student has begun classes for the semester).  The type of credit will determine the method of initiation and the length of time for the student to receive the refund.

TITLE IV CREDIT BALANCES (Pell and SEOG grants, Stafford and Perkins loans): Credit balances created by these credits will be automatically issued within the timeframe per federal regulations, unless the student has specifically authorized Albright College to apply and/or retain title IV credits via the Title IV Authorization Form*.

TITLE IV CREDIT BALANCES (Parent PLUS loans):  Credit balances created by Parent PLUS loan credits will be automatically issued within the timeframe per federal regulations, unless Albright College has been specifically authorized to apply and/or retain title IV credits via the Title IV Authorization Form*.   Credit balances created by the Federal Parent PLUS loan will only be refunded to the PLUS loan borrower (parent) unless the parent borrower authorizes us via email at  to issue the funds directly to the student.  Refund checks will be mailed to the parent borrower at the address on record.

*Title IV Authorization Form:  Students may authorize Albright College to retain current Title IV credits for application toward certain other charges by submitting the Title IV Authorization Form.  If the student has authorized Albright College to apply Title IV credit balances to “future charges within the same financial aid award year” and wishes to receive a refund of the full, or any portion of the credit balance prior to the end of the academic year, the student may request a refund via the Student Accounts Refund Request Form at

NON-TITLE IV CREDIT BALANCES: Other credit balances created by private student loans, Veteran benefits, private scholarships and/or private payments can be retained on the student account for future charges or can be requested for a refund by completing the Student Accounts Refund Request Form at   Refund requests will be processed within 7-10 business days.  All requests will be subject to review and may be revised due to pending account charges and/or changes in financial aid or status of enrollment known prior to issuance. The refund can be received as a direct deposit to your bank account or as a refund check made available on a Friday during the semester.

** It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a current mailing address is on file with the College.

It is important to be aware that once a refund is issued, any subsequent charges and/or changes in financial aid or status of enrollment will create a balance due to the College.  Prompt personal payment will be required to settle the balance to avoid late payment fees and/or a delay in registration in an upcoming semester.

ID Card Functions

Each student enrolled at the College is required to have a picture identification card.  This card will allow students to:

  • Gain access to one’s own residence hall and the Schumo Center
  • Gain access to designated meal plan at the Dining Hall and bonus dollars at the various campus dining locations
  • Charge purchases to student account for items at the College Bookstore, Jake’s Place, Jake’s Java, Peg’s Place, and various student organization fundraising events
  • Access Declining Balance Account (DBA)

The Declining Balance Account (DBA) is a prepaid account that provides an alternative method of payment in lieu of cash.  The prepaid amount is encoded on the student’s identification card and can be used for purchases in the Dining Hall, Jake’s Place, Jake’s Java, Peg’s Place and for printing/copying in the Library and Copy Center.

Students may open or add to an existing DBA in the amount of $10 by either visiting the Student Accounts Office or by mailing in a payment to the office.  Deposits can be made by cash or check.   It is encouraged that students deposit a larger sum of at least $50 at the beginning of each semester.    Each student’s DBA can be viewed at any dinning location or in the Student Accounts Office.  Any unused DBA funds are transferred from semester to semester and any balance remaining at graduation or withdrawal from the College will be credited to the student account.

Hold Policy

Any student account balance that is not satisfied in a timely fashion may result in a hold being placed on their account.  This hold will prohibit the student from registering for classes in an upcoming semester until the account status is resolved.   Recognizing, however, the College’s liberal policies for allowing students to charge various purchases against his or her student account on an ongoing basis throughout the semester, a threshold will be established for the maximum amount outstanding under which registration privileges will not be withheld.

Any hold on an unpaid account balance will also result in the following:

  • Loss of charging privileges at the College bookstore and various dining locations
  • Withholding of official College transcripts
  • Loss of student employment (including research projects) during interim and summer terms
  • Suspension in travel, clubs or sports
  • Suspension in commencement activities, if applicable
  • Delay in the issuance of a diploma, if applicable

It is important that you contact the Student Accounts Office with any special circumstances regarding any unpaid account balance.

Your Account and Graduation

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from Albright College!  As you finalize your academic requirements, it is extremely important that you understand our graduation policies and how they can impact you.

Participation in Commencement Activities:

  • Your student account must be in good standing to receive a cap and gown, graduation tickets and have your name included in an announcement to the media.
    • ”Good standing” is defined as your account balance is fully paid for all tuition and fees.
  • You will be notified approximately sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled commencement date of any unsettled account balance that will make you ineligible to participate in the commencement activities.
    • You will be notified of any graduation hold via your Albright email account.
  • Any requests for an exception must be submitted to the Student Accounts Office.
    • Any extenuating circumstances are required to be outlined in an email or letter to the Student Accounts Office at as early as possible.

Issuance of Diploma:

  • Your student account balance must be fully paid to receive your diploma during the commencement program.
    • We strongly encourage you to check your account balance via LionPay to ensure your account balance is fully settled or issue a payment to do so.

Release of Official College Transcripts:

  • Your student account balance must be fully paid to authorize the release of your official college transcript.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy (Traditional & Graduate Students)

Due to unforeseen circumstances (including medical reasons), it may become necessary for a student to leave the College during the academic year.  In the event this does occur, tuition and other institutional charges will be refunded in accordance with the following schedule:

  • 100% prior to the start of the semester
  • 95% during 1st week of semester 
  • 90% during 2nd week of semester  
  • 75% during 3rd week of semester
  • 50% during 4th week of semester  
  • 25% during 5th week of semester  
  • No Refund during or after the 6th week of the semester

Please note that any refund is subject to a $200 administrative fee, a $20 record fee and cancellation fees as delineated in the Residential and Food Service Contract, if applicable.  A student’s enrollment deposit will be credited to the student account as long as the student completed one semester at the College.

School of Professional Studies

Due to unforeseen circumstances (including medical reasons), it may become necessary for a student to leave the College during the academic year.  In the event this does occur, tuition and other institutional charges will be refunded in accordance with the following schedule:

  • 100% prior to scheduled second night of class (textbook charge may apply), course will be dropped from official transcript
  • 75% prior to scheduled third night of class (textbook charge does not apply), a grade of “W” or withdrawal is issued
  • 0% prior to scheduled fourth night of class (textbook charge does not apply), a grade of “W” or withdrawal is issued
  • 0% on the final day of last scheduled class (textbook charge does not apply), a grade of “WF” is issued

Please contact the School of Professional Studies Office at (610) 921 -7799 for questions pertaining to the SPS withdrawal policy.

Financial Aid Refunds

In accordance with federal regulations, Federal aid* will be adjusted based on the percentage of the semester completed prior to the withdrawal for any student who withdraws , or is dismissed, during the first 60 percent of a semester in which that student began attendance.

* Federal Title IV Financial Assistance includes Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants,  National Smart Grants, Perkins Loans, Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans and Federal Work Study.

Albright College grant and scholarship funds will be adjusted based on the percentage of tuition charged according to the withdrawal date. For further details, please reference the College Catalog.

Tuition Insurance Plan

Every now and then a student’s education is disrupted by an unexpected injury or illness, and depending on the timing of the withdrawal, there may be no eligibility to receive a refund of tuition and fees.

Albright College is pleased to offer an affordable tuition insurance plan to protect your college investment should your student need to leave during the academic year.  We take pride in helping families succeed with getting the most out of the Albright College experience. Thus, we have collaborated with GradGuard to make available to our families a Tuition Protection Plan.  This plan can reimburse your nonrefundable college expenses (tuition, room, and board) should your student withdraw at any time during the semester due to any of the following covered medical reasons:

  • Serious illness or injury
  • Mental health disorder
  • Unforeseen crisis

Additional information regarding coverage amounts and costs can be viewed at or by contacting a Tuition Insurance Advisor by telephone at 866-724-4384.

Should you choose to enroll in a tuition protection plan, enrollment must be completed prior to the first day of fall classes on Monday, August 16, 2021.

Important Contact Information

Student Accounts Office

Phone:  (610) 921-7777
Fax:       (610) 929-6514

Cashier’s Office

Phone:  (610) 921-7757
Fax:       (610) 921.7560

Financial Aid Office

Phone:  (610) 921-7515
Fax:       (610) 921-7729

Mailing Address:

Albright College
P.O. Box 15234
Reading, PA  19612-5234

Check Your Account Balance With LionPay


Authorized User (Parent/Guardian)

  1. Question: Where is your office located on campus?
    Answer: The Student Accounts Office is located in the Student Services Center, across from Sylvan Pond.
  1. QuestionMy student account reflects a balance due. When must the payment be issued?
    Answer:  The  amount  shown  as  “Payment Due” is required to  be  paid  by the  “Due Date”  printed  on  each statement.  To encourage timely payments, late payment fees of 1.5% per month will be assessed against any balance outstanding after that due date, including outstanding balances caused by an inability to credit financial aid as a result of not receiving all required financial aid / verification paperwork by the established submission date.
  1. Question: Is the remittance address for payment to Ithaca, NY correct?
    Answer:  Yes, the address is correct as this is the College’s lockbox processing center for mailed payments.
  1. Question: Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) or Self Help appears as part of the financial aid package. When is this amount credited to the student’s account?
    Answer: Should the student gain on-campus employment, FWSP or Self Help is paid directly to the student every two weeks, as wages are earned.  The money earned is not applied to the student account as a reduction of tuition and fees, but can be used to help with additional everyday expenses incurred by the student.  The student is responsible for finding a job.  An employment application, which can be found at the Human Resources webpage, must be completed by all students interested in working on campus.  A listing of current positions that is updated regularly is also kept on this page.  Students should check this site regularly for new postings and then contact the department of the jobs in which they are most interested.
  1. Question: How can I get my parent/guardian/other access to LionPay?
    Answer:  The student is required to “authorize” the parent/guardian/other in LionPay first. To do so, the student must log in to LionPay, go to “Creating Authorized Users ID’s” create a username and state an email address for the parent/other. An email will then be sent to the new user with their username and link to access LionPay.
  1. Question: The fall bill is due August 11 and I have received a private scholarship but it’s not showing up on my statement. What is needed to make you aware?
    Answer: In most cases, the College does not have advance knowledge of private scholarships. These payments are posted as they are received. We recommend completing the Remittance Worksheet stating you will be receiving a private scholarship and submitting it to our office at The Remittance Worksheet allows students to make the proper offices aware of additional funds as well as makes the students/families aware of how much will be owed after the scholarship is received.
  1. Question: Must my son/daughter and I complete the Financial Responsibility Form?
    Answer: Yes; this form must be completed and returned to the College prior to the first day of classes.  The Financial Responsibility Form is an acknowledgement that the student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) fully understand their financial obligations related to enrollment at Albright College.
  1. Question: Where will I be able to purchase my books? What payment options do you offer?
    Answer: Books may be purchased at the College bookstore.  Payments may be made by cash, check, credit card or money order or the student can charge the cost of their books to their student account via their identification card.  A detail statement of all bookstore charges is given to the student at the time the purchase is made.  This receipt should be retained for the purpose of making a return if necessary; and also for providing detail.  A single line item charge is placed on the student’s account each week for the total of all bookstore purchases.  Given the accounting cycle, the charges on the student’s Statement of Account may carry a posting date when the student is not physically on campus.  It is important to remember that this single line item on the statement covers purchases made over a preceding week period.
  1. Question: What other charges may be placed on my student account?
    Answer: As long as the student account is in good standing, students have the option of charging goods or services obtained at the College, including ala Carte dining (Jake’s Place, Jake’s Java, Peg’s Café, Rockland Market), Health Center fees, Library fines and class trip fees, to his or her account.  Similar to the bookstore charges, a receipt (for purchases) or some other notice of assessment (for fees) will be provided at the time of transaction; and the charge will be reflected as a single, summary amount covering an extended period of time.  As such, the posting date shown on the Statement of Account may not correlate to the actual date of purchase, or even a date in which the student was physically on campus.
  1. Question: Being granted credit carries a responsibility to pay my account on time.  What happens if I am not able to pay all of   my charges on a timely basis?
    Answer: Similar to any unpaid charge, if not paid when due, the student’s bookstore, Jake’s Place and other miscellaneous charges are subject to late payment fees.  Additionally, charging privileges may be suspended and other actions taken, as appropriate.  To have charging privileges restored, the student must fully pay his/her outstanding account balance.
  1. Question: I have questions about my son / daughter’s account. Will you be able to answer them for me?
    Answer: In order for the Student Accounts Office to answer any questions regarding the student’s account, the student will need to complete the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Release Form giving authorization to speak to any parent or third party The student can complete this form by logging on to
  1. Question: Can I make a payment over the telephone?
    Answer: Unfortunately, our office is not able to make payments over the telephone. Please refer to the “Paying Your Account” section above for more information on making payments.