continuing education
You know how critical it is to invest in your people

Who can help you when you’re ready to make that investment in their professional development?
Some training organizations offer short programs that don’t have lasting impact. Others may appeal to your price point. Still others pull courses “off the shelf” and provide the same training to you—and your competitors.

Albright approaches continuing education from a different perspective.
For you to learn from us, we first need to learn from you. Albright wants to understand your organization and get to know your people. We listen, reflect and recommend an educational approach that will help you realize tangible results. Our professional staff works with Albright College faculty—and you—to determine, develop and deliver educational solutions that will impact your organizational perspectives and performance.

Our programs are as diverse as your workforce.
We tailor programs based on your needs. Our programs, which are rooted in Albright’s strong liberal arts tradition, can help your employees improve their business skills—or assist them in completing their bachelor’s degree. From courses in management principles or business writing to an on-site, customized degree completion program, Albright College is ready to serve your organization.

Some examples of our non-credit, continuing education courses and programs:

  • Management Principles
  • Professional Business Writing
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Municipal Government – How it works and how it
    impacts your organization
  • Leadership
  • Lean Manufacturing – What it is and how
    it might help your organization
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Information Systems
Bachelor of Science degrees available through the
Degree Completion Program:

  • Business Administration
  • Organizational Behavior/Applied Psychology
  • Accounting
  • Crime and Justice
  • Information Systems
  • Information Systems and Management

Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Programs have graduated more than 1,400 working adults since their founding in 1997. Our programs at your location make it easy for your employees to earn a degree that can be put right to work. The programs are designed specifically for working adults. Classes are held just one night a week, and students can graduate in about two years while working full time. Albright was the first in the region to create its unique cohort system, so that students progress through their respective programs as a team. This model provides opportunities for teamwork, interaction, support and celebration.

Students with approximately two years of college credit can enter Albright’s Accelerated Degree Completion Program. Those just beginning a college education can take advantage of the Accelerated Degree Start Program to complete general studies requirements, an advantage of a liberal arts education. In all courses, our aim is to enhance our students’ ability to think constructively and critically, and to problem-solve.

Albright's Center for Community Leadership (CCL) has been helping local government leaders meet the changing needs of their communities since 1994. The Center’s broad and thorough understanding of local government can be an asset to your organization. The CCL offers a wide variety of educational and training programs to assist elected officials in their jobs, foster discussion on community issues, establish cooperative efforts among municipalities, and enhance citizen understanding of and involvement in local government.

About Albright College. Founded in 1856, Albright College is a nationally ranked, private college with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum and an interdisciplinary focus. The College’s hallmarks are connecting fields of learning, collaborative teaching and learning, and a flexible curriculum that allows students to create an individualized education. Albright offers bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees in traditional programs and accelerated degree programs in nine locations. The College also offers a master’s degree in education.

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