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Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities and Event Scheduling


What services does Facilities provide free of charge?
Facilities offers student organizations a number of services free of charge, including but not limited to: event set-up and break-down, chairs, tables, curtains and audio visual equipment.  Request forms for Facilities can be found at https://www.myschoolbuilding.com/myschoolbuilding/myschedulenew_wiz1.asp

How do I set up an event?
We suggest that you set up your event as early as possible so that you may reserve the room that you want.  The requests go through a system called SchoolDude, operated by the Director of Conferences and their office.  Please see the following site: https://www.myschoolbuilding.com/myschoolbuilding/myschedulenew_wiz1.asp?acctnum=663554853.  Please note, when setting up an event, you should have an idea of the other services required in the set up.  Don’t forget to submit any special facilities requests!

Where/how do I reserve a projector?
Projectors and other audio/visual equipment can be borrowed from the Media Services Department, now located in the Computer Science and Mathematics building, with the approval of your adviser.  Requests should be sent to av@alb.edu at least one week prior to the event.  You may also contact the IT HelpDesk by email at helpdesk@alb.edu, or by phone at (610) 921-7676.

Where can we get pizza for our meeting/event?
Pizza Italia and Mama’s Pizza will provide pizza for events and often have special deals for Albright students or bulk purchases.  Contact information for Pizza Italia and Mama’s Pizza is as follows:

  • Mama’s Pizza—(610) 685-2333
  • Pizza Italia—(610) 372-3905

What can Food Services provide?
Food Services provides food and drinks for a wide range of events.  For the most efficient event planning, please visit the Food Services Catering site at http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSE/Albright/Catering/.  Typically the cost for a catered event will be cost plus, or the cost of the food plus the cost of any human services or venue set up costs.  To get a more accurate price quote, please contact Mike Miller, the Catering Coordinator via email at mmiller@alb.edu or by phone at (610) 921-7606 or (610) 921-7525.

Student Government Association

**NOTE: For information regarding Allocations or specific SGA policies, please see the Albright College Student Government Association Allocations Policies and Procedures here, and the Albright College Student Government Association Constitution here.

What are theTown Hall Meetings and who must attend?
In short, these meetings are designed to encourage communication between the student body, its student-run organizations, and the SGA so that the SGA may better gauge its performance and the student attitudes and feelings on campus.  The Student Government Association encourages everyone to attend the Town Hall Meetings!  However, we realize that not everyone’s schedules allow them to do so.  Each SGA-allocated organization must be represented at the monthly meetings held throughout the academic year.  While the representative may change, each organization must have its own representative in attendance.  An individual may represent only one organization at the meetings.  Attendance at senate meetings is mandatory for all SGA-allocated organizations, so any organization that misses more than one meeting in a semester runs the risk of having their account frozen for the duration of said semester or until the organization’s leadership meets with the President and Vice President of Finance of the SGA.  For more information, please refer to the Albright College Allocations Policies and Procedures, which can be found within the Finance section of this page: http://www.albright.edu/campuslife/sga/finance.html.

What is a liaison?
Each organization on campus will be given a member of the SGA Cabinet who will serve as said organization’s liaison to the SGA.  This individual should regularly be attending the organization’s meetings and offering insight as SGA’s voice to the organization.  The organization should see the liaison as its first point of contact to voice any questions or concerns about the operation of the SGA, the campus, and the organization.

How does our organization’s Constitution get approved?
The SGA must approve each new organization’s constitution.  In addition to approving new constitutions, all alumni organizations must submit their constitutions along with any revisions to the SGA for approval every four years.  In the event that the organization makes any changes to its constitution that drastically alter the organization’s mission or executive board structure and election process, said organization must submit a ratified, updated version of its constitution even if the time of alteration takes place prior to the aforementioned four-year deadline.  To pass a constitution requires a majority vote of the SGA.

Does my organization need to do its own fundraising?
As the SGA budget becomes tighter with the creation of new organizations and the growing requests for funds, the Student Government Association is asking its organizations to raise some of their own funds.  While we understand that this can be a trying task, the SGA is more than happy to help organizations in their efforts to come up with fundraising ideas for the semester.  Be creative!  It could be a lot of fun!

How do I advertise on campus?
Advertising is the key to making sure your event is a success!  From flyers in mailboxes, posters in residence halls, Facebook groups and events, and advertising in the Albrightian to chalking the sidewalks, think of innovative ways to attract people to your organization or event.  An organization may also want to consider trying to make their event an experience event so as to enhance the potential attendance.  To register your event as an Experience Event, please see the Experience committee guidelines here: http://www.albright.edu/experience/guidelines.html#mission.  To advertise in The Albrightian, please contact the staff at albrightian@albright.edu.  Note:  Please be sure to comply with the college’s posting policy here: http://www.albright.edu/campuslife/postingpolicy.html.

How do I set up a table in the Campus Center?
To set up a table in the Campus Center, it must be registered and approved by the Office of Student Activities.  You may sign up to reserve a table at the Campus Center Main Desk.

How do we deposit money in our self-generated account?
Money may be deposited in an organization’s self-generated account at the cashier’s window in the Camp building.  It is helpful to have the organization’s account number.

What do I do when cancelling an event?
If the SGA is funding an organization’s event and that event needs to be cancelled, we ask that you contact the SGA in writing to explain the circumstances surrounding the cancellation and to comment on how the funding will be later used, if at all. Please note:  the SGA must approve the new event in order for the organization to use the funding previously allocated for the cancelled event.  Also, please do not forget to contact Facilities, Food Services, or anybody else who may have been involved in the event set-up process.

What do we do about allocated money we are not using? 
As with the cancellation of an event, the association asks for a letter describing the circumstances surrounding an organization that does not use its allocated money.  The organization may include in its explanation what it plans to do with the money, if they plan to use it for other means.  This secondary use must be approved by the SGA.  If the organization does not use the money allocated by the SGA at the beginning of the semester by the end of said semester, those funds will be re-absorbed by the SGA for its use in the following semester. 

How do I reserve the SGA van?
The SGA van is a convenience provided by the association to help cut down on transportation costs for trips taken by a small number of people.  The SGA van seats 14 individuals.  To use the van, the group’s advisor must be present and the van, itself, must be reserved 10 days in advance at the Office of Public Safety.  All trips must be approved through the SGA during the allocation process.  You may reach the Department of Public Safety by calling (610) 921-7670.

What do we do about signing contracts?
Student organizations must go through the Office of Student Activities when signing contracts.  Students are not permitted to sign contracts between companies/organizations and Albright College.

How do we get a bus?
Students can request a bus for large groups by using the bus reservation form on the Student Activities web site, here: http://www.albright.edu/campuslife/activ-bus-form.html.

How do we get a DJ?
You can reserve a DJ by contacting the Student Activities Office.  Contracts for other types of entertainers must also go through this office.  No individual officer or student of the College may sign for a contract with the College or the organization.  The director of student activities must sign these contracts.  For past SGA events that required a DJ, the SGA has employed the services of DJ Majik Entertainment owned by Jared Klinger.  You may contact him via email at majikdj@verizon.net or by phone at (610) 374-2920.

What are Mall Mondays, Target Tuesdays, Wal-Mart Wednesdays and Theatre Thursdays?
These events are sponsored by the SGA.  Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the Public Safety employs the SGA van to take students to the Berkshire Mall, Target, Wal-Mart, and the IMAX Theatre respectively.  Seats are first come, first serve.  For more information, please contact the Department of Public Safety and (610) 921-7670.

When are elections for SGA and what do I need to do to run?
Elections for the SGA Executive Cabinet (President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary) are the first elections held towards the end of the spring semester.  For the Spring 2014 semester, elections for the Executive Cabinet will take place Monday, April 14th -Thursday, April 17th, and election results will be announced the following Monday.  Following these are the elections for the Members-at-Large and Special Organization Representatives (Commuter Students Association, International Students Association, and African-American Society).  These elections will take place Monday, April 21st - Thursday, April 24th, and election results will be announced the following Monday.

In order to run for a position on the Executive Committee (the Executive Cabinet, three Special Organization Representatives, and five Members-at-Large), a candidate must complete an application and have a petition signed by 50 members of the student body, (excluding seniors).  The application deadline for the Executive Cabinet and the Special Organization Representatives and Members-at-Large elections will be 4:00 pm Friday, April 11th and Friday, April 18th respectively.  Please submit your application responses electronically to the standing Student Government Association President and signatures to the SGA Office. No late applications will be accepted.  In addition, the candidate must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to run for office.

When are class officers elected?
Elections for class officers, with the exception of the freshman class, during the Spring 2014 semester are scheduled for Monday, April 28th - Thursday, May 1st. The application deadline for class officers is Friday, April 25th by 4:00 pm.  Petitions include 25 signatures completed by members of the appropriate class year submitted to the SGA Office along with the required short answer responses, which should be submitted electronically to the standing Student Government Association President.  The freshman class elections will take place at the beginning of the academic year prior to the Re-Allocations process.