Rockland Hall is a brand new and completely modern housing complex reserved for juniors and seniors, with a waitlist option for sophomores. The residential area is made up of 52 state-of-the-art suites. Each suite is gender inclusive, and consists of a spacious common room area, a full kitchen complete with a large refrigerator, microwave, oven with stove top, and cabinet space. Four, five, and six bed suites have two full bathrooms, and three bed suites have one full bathroom. Individual bedrooms consist of one bed, two beds, or 3 beds. Amenities include a large flat-screen television in each common area, television service provided. Suites are separately vented from one another and are all connected to Wifi. Free laundry facilities are located on each floor and can be accessed at all times. Students who live in Rockland Hall are permitted to park on-site and Public Safety provides security of the area. Additionally, residents will have secured access to the building with required ID swipe at both the main entrance and elevators, with separate security features for individual suites and bedrooms. Students gain an additional 11th month of housing, with an option of a 12th month for $750. The 11th month does not raise initial semester housing cost. Suites are accessible at all times of the year. Last but not least, fabulous restaurants (coming soon!) will occupy the first floor of the building in an effort to provide a creative and unique atmosphere for all Albright students.


  • View sustainability features here
  • Creative and trending restaurants on the 1st floor (coming soon!!)
  • Secured access to building and elevators with student ID card
  • WiFi throughout entire building
  • Suites are fully furnished and all utilities are included
  • Large flat screen TV with cable included in common area of each suite
  • Each suite is separately vented with air conditioning and heating
  • Full kitchens including full-size refrigerator, full-size oven with stovetop and microwave
  • Multiple different options for suites – 3-bed suites, 4-bed suites, 5-bed suites and 6-bed suites (with individual bedrooms consisting of 1-bed, 2-beds or 3-beds; different color options on each floor)
  • Free laundry facilities on every floor accessible at all times. Facilities also offer detergent vending machines
  • Spacious parking lot onsite
  • Beautiful lobby with fast and luxurious elevators
  • Convenient food and drink vending machines
  • Full time Resident Director with an RA on each floor
  • Term for full year includes a “bonus” 11th month w/ $750 option for 12th month (July).  Suites are accessible at all times of the year

Floorplans / Photos:

Rockland Hall Pricing

  2017-2018 ANNUAL PRICING 2017-2018 PER 5 ½ Month
 6-bed suite (2-bath):      
 Triples  $7,900 $3,950
  5-bed suite (2-bath):       
  Singles  $10,300 $5,150
  Doubles  $9,000 $4,500
  4-bed suite (2-bath):    
  Singles  $10,600 $5,300
  Singles, Interior  $8,200 $4,100
  Doubles  $9,300 $4,650
  3-bed suite (1-bath):      
  Singles, Interior  $8,200 $4,100
  Doubles  $9,300 $4,650
* Students are able to occupy their space from August 1st through June 30th have the option to sign up for a
12th month (July) for $750
(and not move any items out).  Suites will be fully secure and accessible only by residents year-round.