Campus Life

Albright College Residency Requirement

Like many private liberal arts colleges, Albright College is a residential college. That is, the campus living environment is an integral part of the whole college experience and is highly valued by the campus community as a complement to the classroom experience. Albright College believes that living together in a community provides residents the opportunities to interact with other students, faculty, and staff and enhances their social and interpersonal growth as citizens through shared living experiences.

In support of this philosophy, Albright College policy requires that all fulltime undergraduate students live on campus during their full tenure as a student unless they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Students who choose to commute from their permanent home address within 25 miles or 30 minutes of Albright College’s campus, and are residing with an immediate family member. The Office of Residential Life defines “immediate family member” as a parent, legal guardian, or sibling. Exceptions will also be considered for students residing with an individual who has stood in loco parentis to the student for one year or more, immediately prior to a student’s date of first matriculating at Albright College. Name, Number and Address must be provided with petition to live off campus.

  2. Students who are at least 23 years old prior to the start of Spring Semester.

  3. Students who are married/domestic partnership.

  4. Students who are legal guardians of minors who reside with them on a permanent basis. (Albright College does not provide housing for non-matriculated minor students)

  5. Students who are military veterans.

  6. Extreme Financial Hardship.

  7. Based on projected space availability by the Office of Residential Life, a limited number of junior and senior students may apply to live off campus. Applications to live off campus must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life before April 1st of the spring semester proceeding the academic year in which the student desires to reside off campus. Decisions to approve such request are made based upon projected space availability, class standing, and the order in which applications are received. Submission of an application does not guarantee an exception from the residency requirement. The Off Campus Appeals Committee will review all applications and communicate whether or not an application has been approved. Students should not secure off campus housing before the decision regarding their application.

Students who petition to live off campus must submit a letter of appeal highlighting their reasons for appealing to live off campus. If students do not meet the criteria, they can still fill out the appeal but must include in their essay why they wish to live off campus. In order to be considered to live off campus students must be in Senior Standing, have a minimum Cum GPA of 3.0 or higher and be in good conduct standing.

If included in the application discusses a medical need for off campus, we will consult with either the Gable Health Center or the office of Disability Services to assist in the committees decision.

Students who reside off campus without meeting one or more of the aforementioned criterial and receiving the appropriate approval will be held responsible for all room and board costs for the semesters in which they are enrolled without such approval.