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Student Program Bus Request Form


  • The college reserves the right to cancel a reservation for special and/or unforeseen circumstances, although every effort will be made to honor scheduling.
  • To avoid any delays in processing and receiving approval for your program complete each line as indicated.
  • Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  • All forms must be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at least ten days before the event is to take place. Any forms submitted after ten days before the event may not be scheduled due to short notice.
  • If you need to schedule an event-planning meeting with the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership; please schedule this meeting at extension 6619.

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Requestor Information
* Name of Organization requesting the bus:
* Name of person requesting the bus:

* Account Number:

Please note any charges that may be incurred from this program will be charged to this account. If there is insufficient funds in the account the officer requesting to do the program will have all charges posted to their student account.

* Requestor Phone: * Requestor E-mail:
Campus Box Number:  
Secondary Contact Person Information
* Name of secondary contact: * Secondary Contact Phone:
* Secondary Contact E-mail: Secondary Campus Box Number:

* Advisor's Name: * Advisor's e-mail:

All programs must have the authorization of the student organization's advisor.

Request Information
* Total number of people attending:
* Date of Event: * Number of buses:
* Type of Bus:

* Type of service:

shuttle: buses run continuously
drop off: drop off and pick up
* Departure Time:

* Return Time:

Please note: this is the time the bus should arrive to pick you up from the destination.

* Departure site: * Destination:

Destination Address:

* Address line 1:

Address line 2:

* City: * State: * Zip:

Additional Information

Please enter itinerary, special instructions, comments, etc in the space provided below.

In order to prevent spambots from abusing this form, please enter the third letter of the name of this college: * (please use lower case)