Assessment at Albright

Faculty and staff at Albright College are regularly engaged in assessment and use results of assessment to improve student learning and development, attainment of strategic and operating goals, and to improve operating efficiencies and effectiveness of the College’s services and operations.

Albright’s Assessment Plan, 2004, is currently under revision.  The new plan, Assessment at Albright College, will describe on-going assessment processes which assist the College to better fulfill its mission, its Strategic Plan and its core purpose of liberally educating its students. 

Assessment at Albright will include:

  1. Levels of assessment including student, classroom/course, curriculum/program and institutional levels
  2. Processes that connect planning, budgeting and assessment
  3. Professional development activities that support faculty and staff in their planning and assessment work
  4. Communication of assessment processes and results to the campus community
  5. Priorities for improvement in assessment at Albright

Appendices to Assessment at Albright will include an Inventory of Current Assessment Practices at Albright and an Optional Template for Reporting Goals and Assessment Results.

Additional information about strategic planning and assessment at Albright, including plans, goals and assessment results is available to Albright faculty and staff through lionwire, the College’s intranet.  Information about strategic planning, goals and assessment results at Albright is available upon request directed to Albright’s Provost, Dr. Andrea Chapdelaine, at provost@albright.edu.