Cub Club – Albright College

Cub Club

Children of Albright College alumni have a special connection to the College and it starts right when they are born!

Upon the birth or adoption of your child, simply notify the Alumni Office of your wonderful news and we will send a card and gift welcoming your son or daughter into the Albright College Cub Club.

As your child grows, we want them to feel as much a part of the Albright family as you are. The Lion Diplomats, a student organization aimed at bridging the gap between alumni and students, will mail birthday cards and gifts to your child as they celebrate their 6th, 12th and 16th birthdays.

Our goal in connecting with your son or daughter throughout their childhood is to create an awareness of and an affinity to your alma mater, so that when it’s time for your son or daughter to think about college, he/she thinks about Albright.

To enroll your child in the Albright College Cub Club, please complete the below form.

For questions, email the Alumni & Donor Engagement Office at