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Alumni Step Challenge

Albright College Alumni Five-Week Step Challenge

What form of exercise is accessible to everyone and requires no special equipment or fitness wear? WALKING!

Albright invites all alumni and their friends in a challenge to keep you moving this summer!

The challenge will run for five weeks beginning Monday, July 6 and will end Sunday, August 9. At the conclusion, every participant who walks at least 100 miles will receive a pair of Albright College shoelaces. (10,000 steps = 5 miles)

Register Today:

  • Join the challenge solo or gather a team of up to four to join you! If you enter as a team, your average steps will be your score.
  • You must use a fitness tracker that can be synced to the Challenge Runner app. All activities that can be tracked on your tracker and translated into steps count.
  • All steps must be recorded using Challenge Runner on a weekly basis.  You can download the Challenge Runner app FREE on your smart phone and it will automatically synch with Fitbit, Misfit, Garmin products, Apple Health, Google Fit (online and mobile), Omron, Polar, and Withings (Nokia).

For questions, contact Stephen Thomas, Director of Advancement Events and Communication, at 610-929-6676 or