Meet Kat Biehl Crossley ’11, Alumni Association President – Albright College

Meet Kat Biehl Crossley ’11, Alumni Association President

Kat Biehl Crossley photoKat Biehl Crossley ’11 joined the Alumni Association in fall 2012, a year after graduating from Albright. Prior to serving as president, Crossley served as the campus outreach chair and governance chair, each for two-year terms. She is currently employed by QVC as a digital media planner, paid social.

What are your responsibilities as president?

I’m responsible for conducting all alumni board and executive committee meetings, and working with the alumni board committees and committee chairs to achieve the goals they set forth at the beginning of the year. I also serve as a non-voting representative to the board of trustees, and I work closely with the Office of Alumni & Donor Engagement to align the work of the alumni board with the goals of the College.

What would you like to see the Alumni Association do this year?

There are a lot of exciting changes happening at Albright and I want to ensure that alumni are aware and involved in all of the growth happening within our great community. As president, I want work with the Alumni Association Board and Office of Alumni & Donor Engagement to represent and engage our alumni community both accurately and enthusiastically in the next phase of their involvement with Albright. I will work diligently to remind alumni that no matter where they are, or who they become, they are a valued member of our Albright community.

What was your major, and in what activities were you involved as a student?

I was a dual major in communications (public relations/advertising) and psychology. I was involved in the Student Government Association (member-at-large and president), Lion Diplomats (vice president), Phi Mu (assistant treasurer and vice president), AC2 (executive board member), Class of 2011 (vice president), resident assistant, POPs (Steering Committee), Admissions Ambassador, and women’s rugby.

What is your favorite memory of Albright?

I have so many great memories that it is hard to pick an all-time favorite, but one of my favorite memories was my senior year when Albright lost power during a snow storm and classes were canceled. The cafeteria staff, including Mike Miller, came to make sure the students were okay and taken care of. We all ate lunch by candlelight in the Caf! Their kindness was extraordinary and we had a blast being all together in the dark!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

From the minute I arrived at Albright as a timid transfer student, to the last days of my jammed packed term as SGA president, I have felt nothing but welcomed. It’s because of the warm welcome I received from the Albright community that I have and will continue to be committed to serving my Alma Mater. Albright College and the amazing students, faculty, staff, and alumni have given me so much. Although I know I can never repay Albright for the precious gifts of my college years, I will never stop trying.