A Snapshot of the Class of 2022 – Albright College

A Snapshot of the Class of 2022

How Many…

  • 620 first-year students
  • 34 transfer students: from Arcadia, Bucks County CC, Cabrini, Conrad Schools of Science, Cumberland County College, Del Val, Drexel, Full Sail, Lock Haven, Lycoming, Millersville, Montclair State, Northampton Area CC, Penn Tech, Portland CC, Raritan Valley CC, RACC, South Suburban College of Cook County, St. Vincent College, Strayer, Sussex County CC, UMaine Presque Isle, UMass Lowell, UDel, Warren County CC, West Chester
  • 8 ‘non-program’ students, who come to ‘study abroad’ from their home countries (Chile, France, Ireland, Japan, South Korea) through partnership programs
    • Did you know that during Summer Session 2 we routinely host students from the University of Reutlingen, Germany? Consider inviting a student for a traditional American meal or a day trip to a local site.

*Please know that these numbers are fluid right up to the start of classes. Late applications will be received by transfer students, international students as they are approved (or denied) visas, cold-feet students who suddenly don’t want to go away to college, etc. We will lose students (creatively called ‘Summer Melt’) because they get cold feet, or get the bill and the financial reality hits, or the family circumstances change.


  • 21 States: AZ, CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, NJ, NY, OR, PA, TN, TX, VA, VT, WV
  • 3 Countries: Japan, Spain, China


  • 367 received Pell Grants –federal money, that doesn’t have to be repaid, awarded to students with financial need who attend one of 6,600 participating colleges
  • 284 are “First Generation” –neither of their parents/guardians graduated from a four-year college
  • 11 are legacy students – someone in the family already attended Albright
  • 64 are honors students

How do they identify…

  • 362 females
  • 258 males
  • 3 use gender neutral pronouns
  • 2 additional students identify opposite to what is on the birth certificate
  • 170 student-athletes


  • 21% are Hispanic, an increase of 8% over 2017

*We use the Common Application format to collect information related to ethnicity. A student answers a Y/N question related to ‘Hispanic’ and then chooses from a drop down that includes the following:

  • 42% are white, a drop of 10% from 2017
  • 30% are black, equal to 2017
  • 2% Asian – equal to 2017
  • 1% Native American/Hawaiian – equal to 2017
  • 14% two or more races
  • 11% did not answer

Interested in…

  • 18 students indicated an interest in LGBTQ awareness/issues
  • 3 affinity groups that have self-created through FACEBOOK interactions:
    • Fashion interested students
    • Students interested in pre-med and health related careers
    • Women of Color (WOC)

*It may behoove our retention efforts for outreach to be made prior to Move-In Day so the students within those interest areas are aware of the related activities offered at Albright.

What they (think they) want to study (as of today … but it will change … 2.5 times before they graduate)

  • Most populous majors
    • Undecided: Alpha                         73
    • Business Administration                73
    • Biology: General                           95