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Alumni Association Board

Albright College Alumni Association

Once a Lion, always a Lion! The Albright College Alumni Association is your continual connection to Albright and links the over 20,000 alumni worldwide with one another and to the College. All Albright graduates are encouraged to stay connected to the College and with each other through participation in the Albright Alumni Association.

Alumni Association Mission Statement:
The mission of the Albright College Alumni Association, in partnership with the College, shall be to nurture the spirit of Alma Mater in students, alumni and friends through our time, talent and treasure for a life-long connection.

Alumni Board

Roles and Responsibilities

The Alumni Association Board is an advisory body created to represent alumni issues and interests. It is led by a board of Albright College graduates of varying class years, occupations, gender, race and life experience. The Alumni Board typically has 30 elected members. They serve as a representative voice for our alumni body, connecting alumni with current students, and upholding Albright traditions for future generations.

Executive Board

photo of Blake Tobias '17
Blake Tobias Jr. ’17

Brad Erdman ’93
Vice President
photo of Victoria Foanio
Victoria Foanio ’14
Executive Committee Member

Kristen DePalma ’19
Executive Committee Member

Vince Buccellato ’89
Executive Committee Member

Board Members

Bausher ’92
photo of Mary Ellen Beall '67
Mary Ellen
Beall ’67
John Demmy 83 Alum
Demmy ’83

Foulds ’09

Henao ’95
photo of Rebecca Hughes
Hughes ’00
Paul Kauffman 71 Alum
Paul C.
Kauffman ’71

Kelly ’73

Johdos ’08

Morrow ’03
Alexandra Papoutsis ’19
Papoutsis ’19

Pfennig ’83

Reynolds ’85

Rolon ’22

Vasquez ’22

Walck ’14
photo of Rebecca W
Welker ’13

Dr. Bryan
Wilson ’11

  • September 9, 2023
  • November 11, 2023
  • February 10, 2024
  • April 27, 2024

  • The College and Alumni Association’s history
  • The College and Alumni Association’s mission and goals
  • The Alumni Association’s Strategic Plan
  • The Alumni Associations Bylaws
  • Events and Member Benefits offered to alumni

In accordance with the Alumni Association bylaws, we expect that you will abide by the following limits regarding your service:

  • A term consists of three years
  • No member of the Board shall serve for greater than six consecutive years
  • After a board member’s second consecutive term is complete, that person may not return to the board as a voting member until after three years from the date their term expired.

In accordance with the Alumni Association mission, we expect that each board member be responsible for the following contributions:


  • Prepare for, physically attend and participate in at least three or more board meetings per year.
  • Prepare for, attend and actively participate in the work of the Association Board including serving on a committee. Contribute expertise according to individual skills, experience and networks. Committee members will evaluate the committee’s progress toward meeting its stated goals. Some committee work will occur outside the four Alumni Association meetings. Reasonable participation in this offline work is expected.
  • Attend and participate in at least one Albright alumni event per year.
  • Serve on their reunion committee during their reunion year.
  • Abide by and annually sign the Albright College Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Abide by and annually sign the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement.


  • Think broadly as each of you brings to the board a set of unique talents and qualities that will enhance our meetings and decisions, thus creating a better board to serve the alumni, students, and the College.
  • Articulate the needs of the alumni body to the Association.
  • Promote alumni events and programming through attendance and alumni outreach. You are an ambassador and an advocate who shares our accomplishments and goals with alumni, friends, business associates, and government officials.
  • Identify and assist in the recruitment of potential new board members


  • Alumni Association Board members are encouraged to make an annual gift to the college.
  • Amount contributed is at the discretion of the individual.
  • We seek to obtain 100% board participation and strongly encourage gifts to the Annual Fund.

Albright Alumni Association Board Task Forces

Alumni board members are divided into the following committees to address strategic projects in support of the college’s mission.

  • Alumni Awards and New Members: Review award candidates and select award recipients for the yearly alumni awards. Review current board composition and identify opportunities to better align membership with the demographics of our alumni body, recruit and propose a slate of new members to the Alumni Association Board. Identify and implement ways to continue to solicit for award and new member candidates.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Understand ideal state for the Albright Alumni Association Board when it comes to inclusivity and diversity. Identify initiatives the board can undertake to give support to the college’s equity and inclusion policies. Includes review of key objectives, policy and by-law examination and partnership with alumni affinity groups, such as the Society of Black Alumni, the college board of trustees and other stakeholders and task forces.
  • Albright College Affinity Group Program:  Connect self-motivated groups of alumni who wish to engage like-minded graduates and students with shared experiences or interests. The committee strives to encourage service, engagement and philanthropy with volunteers to further the mission of the Alumni Association Board and engage in the life of alma mater.
  • Student Mentoring: In collaboration with campus partners, establish channels to connect our alumni with undergraduates by supporting student career and professional aspirations.