Admission Alumni Representative – Albright College

Admission Alumni Representative

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be an Admission Alumni Representative! You have the ability to assist the Admission Office in multiple steps of the recruiting process for future Albrightians. Whether representing Albright at a college fair in your local community, being part of a campus or online video panel or writing letters to accepted students about your Albright experience, you influence students who will become future Albright alumni!

Opportunities include:

  • College Fair Representative – Representatives volunteer their time to staff college fairs in their local community. Each year, the Admission Office is invited to thousands of college fairs, all over the country, but is not able to attend all of them. With your help, the college will be well represented to recruit the next class of Albrightians.
  • Campus or Online Video Panelist – Panels will be attended by our accepted students who have expressed interest in a major or activity you participated in during your time here at Albright. Panelists will inspire these prospective Albrightians by sharing their college search journey, where they started their career and current position. It includes an opportunity for the accepted students to ask questions.
  • Author of Accepted Student Letters – These letters encourage accepted students who are interested in majoring in the area you studied at Albright. Each letter includes an introduction about yourself and leads to the connection you share with the accepted student (favorite aspect of program, resources Albright provided you, campus Involvement, etc.). The rest of the letter is for you to be creative.

Please complete the form below to let us know of your interests and join the Admission Alumni Representative team!

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