Verification is the process in which a financial aid office is required to test the accuracy of information reported by parents and students on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  At minimum, required documentation will include the most recent Federal IRS Tax Transcript, copies of immediate past year W-2 forms, and a completed Federal Verification Worksheet.  Important Note: the verification process cannot accept signed copies of federal 1040 tax forms.  All families selected for verification must request a tax transcript from the IRS or choose to use IRS data retrieval on their FAFSA to meet the verification requirements.

In addition to minimum requirements, the Albright College Office of Financial Aid may require you to provide proof of citizenship, proof of registration with Selective Service, copies of Social Security benefit statements, 1099 forms, corporate earnings statements, or other information dealing with your income or assets.   Financial aid applications are randomly selected by the federal FAFSA processor for verification.  On a year-in, year-out basis schools will verify at least 30% of all FAFSA applicants. If you are selected, the verification process is required in order for you to receive financial aid.