Determining Your Eligibility & Defining Federal
Financial Need (Determining Your Status)

All students accepted by Albright College as degree-seeking candidates are eligible to apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Funds provided to Albright College from federal and state sources are awarded to United States citizens and permanent resident aliens.  When determining your eligibility for Federal, State and Albright College financial aid, your enrollment status is defined as follows:

  • Full-Time enrollment status is considered to be three courses per semester (Traditional and Accelerated Degree programs).  Full-time status is required for the awarding of all institutional funds.

Half-Time enrollment status (in both the day and evening programs) is considered to be two courses per semester.  At least half-time status is required for some grant programs, federal loan programs, and federal work study.

Less than Half-Time enrollment status, or one class each semester, may entitle a student to a modest Federal Pell Grant, but other aid programs are not applicable to this status.

Official financial aid awards are made only after an offer of acceptance to the College.  For families of accepted students who choose to complete the FAFSA after October 1st of any given year, award letters will be mailed to accepted students starting in November.