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Tuition & Fees

Investing in our students’ future

Beginning with the 2019-20 academic year, Albright broke from the traditional higher education tuition model and right-sized its tuition by reducing it 45%. Why? Because we believe that the life-changing benefits of an Albright education must be equally available to talented, determined students across the broadest range of socioeconomic backgrounds.
Albright has been named a:
• “Best College for Financial Aid” — LendEDU
• “Best Bang for the Buck” — Washington Monthly
• Top 3 “Best College for the Money in Pennsylvania” — College Factual
97% of Albright students receive aid
$18 million in financial aid is awarded to Albright students each year.

TUITION (annual)

Comprehensive Tuition $27,020
Student Services Fee $1,210


2022-2023 fees for traditional, full time students:



Albright Court, Crowell, Krause, Smith, Mohn, North, Walton
Triple Occupancy (North Hall) $6,580
Double Occupancy $7,330
Economy Single (Mohn Hall) $8,190
Single Occupancy $8,930
Premier Single (Mohn Hall) $9,410
Albright Woods Apartments
Double Occupancy $8,770
Affinity Houses
Per Bedroom $9,770
Security Deposit for Affinity Houses $300
Rockland Hall (ten-month residency)
6-bed suite (2-bath) Triple Occupancy $8,610
5-bed suite (2-bath) Double Occupancy $9,520
5-bed suite (2-bath) Single Occupancy $11,110
4-bed suite (2-bath) Double Occupancy $9,520
4-bed suite (2-bath) Large Double Occupancy $9,820
4-bed suite (2-bath) interior Single Occupancy $10,840
4-bed suite (2-bath) Single Occupancy $11,110
4-bed suite (2-bath) Double Occupancy $9,520
3-bed suite (2-bath) Single Occupancy $10,840
Security Deposit for Rockland Hall $350
Residence Halls Single $920
Residence Halls Double $760
Residence Halls Triple $600
Albright Woods $910
Affinity Houses $1,000
NOTE: Interim housing fees do not apply to students with annual housing contracts or those participating in specific interim activities.
SUMMER HOUSING (double) $1,060



Annual Summer Interim*
Gold Unlimited: Unlimited Dining plus $90 ABD (per semester) $6,170 $820 $590
Silver: 14 meals per week plus $100 ABD (per semester) $5,530 $730 $540
Bronze: 10 meals per week plus $125 ABD (per semester) $4,450 $560 $420
Block 120 Plus: 120 meals plus $125 ABD (per semester) $3,210
Block 80 Plus: 80 meals plus $75 ABD (per semester) $2,140
Block 30 (summer only) $420
Block 20 ((summer only) $290
Block 18 (interim only) for students without an annual food service contract $250
Block 12 (interim only) for students without an annual food service contract $170

NOTE: All incoming freshmen are required to participate in either the Gold Unlimited or Silver meal plan options. Block plans are available to commuter students and residents of Albright Woods, Affinity Houses or Rockland Hall. Albright Bonus Dollars are included in all meal plans. Graduate students are eligible to participate in any meal plan. *Interim food service fee only applies to students without an annual food service contract. Cancelation fees apply.



Part-Time, per course (up to 2 courses per semester) $3,380
Internship only $1,530
Dual Enrollment $500
Dual Enrollment plus SRI course $630
Interim Session:
Full Course $820
Travel Course $410
Education Course $410
Internships and Externships $410
Half Course $410
Summer Session:
Undergraduate Tuition Fee – full unit course $1,530
Undergraduate Tuition Fee – half unit course $790
Dual Enrollment – full-unit course $500
Dual Enrollment – half-unit course $380
Auditing (per course) $530
Senior Citizens (per course) $250
Summer Start Program
Ninth Semester program:
Education Tuition Fee (Elementary/Secondary) per course $2,810
Student Teaching Honorarium Fee $310

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