Transferring Credits – Albright College

Transferring Credits

Liberal arts courses from an accredited college or university are eligible to transfer to Albright. Non-liberal arts courses typically do not transfer.

We operate on a course unit system rather than semester hours. All Albright courses are considered equal to all others. Three-, four- and five-credit hour courses are considered equivalent to one Albright course unit. One- and two-credit hour courses do not transfer. Grades of C-minus or higher transfer to Albright.

You will receive an official transfer course evaluation with your acceptance letter to Albright.

Transfer Policies

Grades achieved at another institution do not count toward your cumulative average at Albright College. While the approved courses will count toward graduation, only the grades received while registered at Albright will determine your cumulative average. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 16 Albright courses to graduate from the College.

In general, you will receive credit for courses from accredited colleges or universities in which you earned a grade of C-minus or better and that are comparable to Albright’s offerings.

Study at Other Institutions

Current Albright College students can transfer courses to the College only from accredited baccalaureate degree-granting institutions or branch campuses of baccalaureate degree-granting institutions. Any exceptions to this policy will be determined by the academic departments involved and the academic dean.

Only courses in which you earned a grade of C-minus or better will be transferred to Albright. No more than four courses can be transferred. The grades earned in transfer courses will not be counted in the Albright grade point average.

You must obtain preliminary approval to take a course at another academic institution from both the Registrar’s Office and the chair of the academic department in which the course will be taken. Preliminary approval does not guarantee that transfer credit will be granted. Final approval for transfer credit will be granted only when Albright receives a syllabus for the course taken and an official transcript from the other institution, and when your request for transfer credit has been approved by both the chair of the Albright academic department and by the Registrar’s Office.

Academic departments will use appropriate academic standards in the evaluation of transfer work. This may include, but is not limited to, the evaluation of a course syllabus, course materials and student work, and the administration of an examination by the department. If major or related course credits are involved, the recommendation of the major’s department chair and the final approval of the academic dean are required.

Students transferring to Albright from other institutions are governed by the above regulations once they are degree students at Albright. Transfer students must complete at least 16 courses at Albright to earn an Albright degree, and they may be required to complete more than 16 courses in order to fulfill specific General Education Curriculum and/or area of major requirements.

Courses taken in study abroad or off-campus semester programs are treated as Albright courses for the 16-course requirement. (Click here for more information.)

Note: Adult students interested in applying or viewing transfer information for the Adult Accelerated Degree Completion Program should click here.