Promise Scholars – Albright College

Promise Scholars

What is the Promise Scholars Program?

Albright’s student-centered Promise Scholars program is a support program which provides students the assistance to enhance their academic skills and thrive as leaders both on campus and in their chosen careers. The students will be empowered to achieve their academic goals at Albright College.

Promise Scholars is partially funded through the PHEAA Act 101 Program. The Act 101 Program provides educational resources to strengthen the academic experience for Pennsylvania students who need support to maximize their success at Albright College.

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Who can be a Promise Scholar?

To be eligible for this no-cost program, Albright students must meet these few requirements:
• be a Pennsylvania resident
• be offered admission and/or planning to enroll at Albright College
• have financial need as determined though submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid 
• submit their Promise Scholars application

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What are the benefits of the Promise Scholars Program?

Albright students in the program are supported through a variety of academic support and enrichment services and financial assistance including:
One-on-one academic and social support
• Individualized academic monitoring
• Access to free tutoring through the Student Success Center
• Participate in college success discussions, workshops, & speaker events that would assist with academic success & well-being
• First-year Promise Scholar has the academic and social support of a Peer Ally
• Access to free physical textbooks through the ACT 101 lending library and free college classroom supplies

What opportunities are offered?

Students can participate in new and exciting college experiences to help them grow and develop skills for success at Albright and beyond, such as:
Establishing new relationships
• Interacting continuously with support staff
• Integrating academic and career goals
• Creating a path to reach one’s true potential
• Support in understanding and applying for financial aid

Just a few examples of how Promise Scholars grow:
• Participating students develop leadership skills through multiple experiences, like our Peer Ally program
• Connections with alumni and area businesses
• Becoming mature as scholars with the support and guidance of an success coach
• Learning to nurture their personal growth and achievement through strength-based training.