Keystone Commitment Scholarship – Albright College

Keystone Commitment Scholarship

Albright College is committed to making a personalized, student-centered, academically rigorous private education affordable for Pennsylvania students.

We understand the need for college affordability better than many other institutions, which is why we took the bold step in 2019 to reset our tuition price by lowering by 45%. Since that time, we have remained committed to affordability and kept our tuition increases below the average for our peer group. Now, Albright College has a tuition price that is among the lowest for private colleges in Pennsylvania!

Our Keystone Commitment Scholarship is another bold step in making college affordable, but also easy to understand for our students and families.


Who is eligible for Albright’s Keystone Commitment Scholarship?

Any Pennsylvania resident who is admitted to Albright and attending college as a first-time, full-time traditional day student.

That’s it. All new incoming Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 first-year students from Pennsylvania qualify to get a minimum $16,000 scholarship that is renewable for up to 4 years if you maintain satisfactory academic progress.

As a qualifying student you will be awarded Albright’s Keystone Commitment Scholarship upon admission. There is no need to complete any other paperwork or submit a separate scholarship application.

It is possible for high-achieving scholars and students to qualify for up to $22,000 in merit scholarships.

As a Pennsylvania resident, and based on your household financial status, you may also qualify for the PA State Grant which will provide you with additional funds to attend Albright College. The combination of the Keystone Commitment Scholarship and the 2021-2022 PA State Grant maximum of $5,750, will cover over 75% of your tuition and fees at Albright.