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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate Policy

Advanced Placement exam scored of 4 or 5 will transfer to Albright and count at least for elective credit toward your graduation requirements. Certain AP exams will count toward core requirements or major requirements. See below for specifics.

AP Exam Albright Equivalent Course General Studies Category
Art History ART 104  Art History Foundations –Fine Arts
Biology BIO 101  Biology Foundations-Natural Science
Calculus AB MAT 131  Calculus I Foundations-Quantitative Reasoning
Calculus BC MAT 132  Calculus II Elective or Major Credit
Chemistry CHE 100  Chemistry Foundations-Natural Science
Chinese CHI 202 Intermediate Chinese II Completes Foreign Language Requirement
Comparative Government POL 205  Comparative Politics Foundations-Social Science
Computer Science A CSC 119  Computer Science Foundations-Quantitative Reasoning
Economics – Both Micro and Macro ECO 105 Principles of Economics Foundations-Social Science
Economics – Either Micro or Macro ECO 184 Economics Foundations-Social Science
English Language and Composition ENG 101 Composition Composition
English Literature and Composition ENG 101 Composition Composition
Environmental Science ESS 184  Environmental Science Foundations-Natural Science
European History HIST 122  European History Foundations-Humanities
French FRE 202 Intermediate French II Completes Foreign Language Requirement
German GER 202 Intermediate German II Completes Foreign Language Requirement
Human Geography SPI 211 Geography Elective Only
Italian ITA 202 Intermediate Italian II Completes Foreign Language Requirement
Japanese MFL 202 Intermediate Japanese II Completes Foreign Language Requirement
Latin LAT 202 Intermediate Latin II Completes Foreign Language Requirement
Music Theory MUS 135 Music Theory Foundations-Fine Arts
Physics B PHY 201  Physics I Foundations-Natural Science
Physics C PHY 202  Physics II Elective or Major Credit
Psychology PSY 100 General Psychology Foundations-Social Science
Statistics MAT 110  Statistics Foundations-Quantitative Reasoning
Spanish Language SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II Completes the Foreign Language Requirement
Spanish Literature and Culture SPA 380 Spanish Literature and Culture Elective or Major Credit
Studio Art ART 185 Introduction to Studio Art Foundation- Fine Arts
United States Government POL 101  US Government Foundations-Social Science
United States History HIS 152 US History Foundations-Humanities
World History HIS 135 World History Foundations-Humanities


International Baccalaureate Policy

Six course units of credit are available for holders of an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma with superior performance (scores of 5 or higher) on at least three higher-level exams. Individual course credit is available for scores of 5 or higher on single higher-level IB course exams.

All exams scores should be sent to the Albright Admission Office or the Registrar’s Office after choosing to enroll at the College.