Financial Aid for Returning Students

Financial aid is available for students who are returning to Albright College for their sophomore, junior or senior years.

Applying for Financial Aid

Students who are returning to Albright and wish to receive financial aid must submit a FAFSA annually.  This is a requirement for all sources of aid, including state, federal, and institutional.  The application is available after October 1st in each year. The FAFSA can be found at  When applying, you will need both your FSA ID and your parents’ FSA ID.   The Albright College Federal School Code for your FAFSA is 003229.

We strongly recommend completing the FAFSA prior to April 1st.  Form completion by this deadline allows you to stay in-step with financial aid processes. If the form is not filled out by May 1st for the succeeding academic year, you risk losing state, federal, and/or institutional aid.

PHEAA (PA Grant)

If you are a Pennsylvania state resident, it is important to have your FAFSA completed prior to May 1st. The PA State Grant program has a strict application deadline of May 1st. For more information on this program please visit or call1-800-692-7392.

Federal Verification of Information

As an upper-class student, you may be selected for Federal Verification.  If you are selected for Federal Verification, you are required to provide documents to the Office of Financial Aid before financial aid awarding. Failure to complete verification will result in the loss of all federal aid programs up to and including Pell Grant, Direct Student Loans, SEOG, and Federal Work Study.

The Albright College Office of Financial Aid completes verification year-round and maintains no deadline for completion; however, it is recommended that you submit verification documents no later than three weeks after notification, and no more than two months before a given Fall or Spring first billing.  Federal verification can change the value of federal grant, loan, and work study awards as well as the amount of need-based College grant aid.

If verification changes any component of your financial aid award, you will receive an updated award letter on your Albright College student email account.  You have the right to opt out of federal verification and the federal aid programs; however, if you are selected, verification is not an optional process, as you will be unable to participate in the student aid programs.  You should notify the Office of Financial Aid, Albright College, in writing of your wishes in this regard.

Awarding Process and Declining Aid

Upper-class awarding begins around May of any given year with an anticipated first mailing to upper-class students around June of any given year.  Federal verification requests begin around March of any given year and continue on a bi-weekly basis via hard copy, email, and phone through the duration of the processing year.

Students have the right to decline any awarded financial aid per academic year. If a student wishes to decline any financial aid, they must email us at We will make the requested adjustments and send you a revised letter for your records.

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Grants, scholarships, and loans administered by the Albright College Office of Financial Aid are first applied directly to your student account to support charges for tuition, fees, room, board, and other College charges. Financial aid awarded for a specific term can only pay for charges in that term.  Disbursements of aid occur weekly on Thursdays except when a Thursday falls on a holiday, a period of time when the College is closed, or when another day is better suited to the College’s academic calendar.  The Office of Financial Aid can advise you at any time regarding the day of the next financial aid disbursement. Contact information: Financial Aid, Albright College or call 610-921-7515.

SAP (Satisfactory Academic Process)

As a participant in the federal financial aid programs you are required to progress towards a degree in a defined way. The Albright College Office of Financial Aid evaluates your progress towards a degree each June using qualitative  and quantitative measures. Qualitative measure is your cumulative GPA, while and quantitative measures include your rate of progress, which is the relationship between the cumulative units you’ve attempted to complete and those units you actually completed).

Your qualitative progress is defined as academic good standing at the College, or grade attainment of 1.7 after your first year of attempted units, and 2.0 thereafter. Quantitative testing requires that an aid recipient complete 67% of all units attempted, year-in, year-out. An aid recipient must display progress in both the qualitative measure and the quantitative measure. If either test fails, the student is not making acceptable progress.

Students considered not to be making progress and who successfully appeal will be placed on financial aid probation for a period of one academic year. To receive one year of probationary status, the student must be working through an approved academic plan designed in coordination with the Albright Academic Learning Center, or an approved Albright academic administrator. If no plan is in place, the student will be reviewed again after one semester. While regulations do not stipulate that multiple appeals of SAP are impossible, please note that seeing more than one approved appeal is exceptionally rare.  In these circumstances a second appeal will only approved if the Albright ALC (or approved academic administrator) is able to define a specific route to graduation for the student.

Appealing Financial Aid Awards

You have the right to appeal your financial aid award based on circumstances beyond control of your family.  Some examples of valid appeal grounds for federal financial aid include significant out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses, catastrophic financial losses associated with a designated natural disaster, death of a parent applicant, change in marital status, and employment changes.  An Albright College document Process and Procedure for Appealing Need-Based Financial Aid posts yearly on the Albright website.