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Our Investment in Your Future

For over 150 years Albright has worked to remain an affordable choice that provides access for exceptional students seeking a rigorous, interdisciplinary, private, liberal arts education. Albright College offers an aggressive financial aid policy that makes it a leader among similar private colleges in the region. This commitment empowers families to choose Albright based on academic and extracurricular opportunities.

Many families, including those new and old to the aid process, will find that the aid process can be very intimidating. This typically causes families to fear the process and not ask questions regarding financial aid. Albright is invested in the success of our students and our goal is to make the aid process as easy as possible for each and every family. Whether you find your answers on our site, on a visit to campus, or on the phone with one of our counselors, we will help you navigate the need-based aid process with as little stress as possible.

Please feel free to call on the aid staff at any time for comfort, support or guidance. We are now, and will remain, at your service. Email us directly at

Dwayne Walker, Vice President for Enrollment Management

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