Exceed Your Own Expectations at Albright College | Albright College

Exceed Your Own Expectations at Albright College

Shayla Gaither Newman Civic Fellow

Shayla Gaither

Communications/public relations and advertising Major
Cheltenham, Pa.
I intend to break negative stereotypes and continue to be a strong, intelligent, African-American woman, with a disability who will act as a catalyst for change.”

Madeline Kentner

Madeline Kentner

Biology and religious studies Major
Philadelphia, Pa.
“Studying abroad was never something I planned on doing because I was nervous to be far from home, but it helped me grow immensely.”

Noodling with Improv

Paul Cieri

Fashion Major
Marina, Calif.
“I needed a school that had a swim team and a fashion design program. Most schools with fashion design programs were just art schools, and I wanted a more well-rounded education.”

Jaquan Harley

Jaquan Harley

Biology Major
Newark, Del.
“The research I am doing is connected to my future plans, as it involves an organism that is related to another organism that causes a disease in Africa. I really want to focus on medicine and drugs that are able to affect those types of organisms, and essentially benefit public health.”

Autumn Blalock ’20

Sarah Hosler

Biology Major
Andover, N.J.
Not many undergrads can say they have done research with their college president, but Sarah Hosler can. And the opportunity came about solely because she was not afraid to ask.

Joseph Holowko ’21 and Elizabeth Kiester, Ph.D.

Jazer Willis

Philadelphia, Pa.
As a first-year student who had never before acted, Jazer Willis joined the Domino Players, and not only uncovered a new talent in himself, but also connected with new friendships and discovered a new sense of accomplishment.

Amanda Bunn

Environmental Science Major, Marine and Aquatic Science Minor
Fleetwood, Pa.
Ever since Bunn first set foot on Albright’s campus, her education has been on a fast track. In fact, she is set to graduate a full year ahead of schedule.

Heena Brahmbhatt ’93

Lauren Huber

History Major
Reading, Pa.
“Studying history has opened my eyes to the past in more ways than I could have imagined, and I think it’s made me appreciate and better understand the people and cultures I encounter in my life.”

Whitney Jefferson

Whitney Jefferson

Music Industry Studies Major
Lusby, Md. 
“Albright is so special because of the advisors we have here. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to have three internships while here, travel to London and go to graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University.”

Joseph Holowko ’21 and Elizabeth Kiester, Ph.D.

Abigail Ensslen

Fashion and communications Co-Major
Reading, Pa.
“Conducting research in college is valuable because it helps us with problem solving and finding information when we hit the real world.” — Abigail Ensslen ’21, fashion and communications co-major

Kaleb Murdock

Kaleb Murdock

Fashion/Design Major
Kettering, Ohio
“I’ve never been this far from home before. But I really like Albright because of the closeness of the campus. I feel like you get a lot more personal with your teachers, with your friends … It’s just that one on one experience that you really can’t get at a bigger college.”

Abigail Army

Abigail Gray-Army

Communications/public relations and advertising Major
Gettysburg, Pa.
Abigail Gray-Army ’20 used an Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) to explore creative writing and start a memoir about cancer.

Autumn Blalock ’20

Sarah Hohl

Child development and Spanish Major
Blandon, Pa.
“As I was conducting that research at the Albright Early Learning Center, I remember thinking, ‘this is what I want to do,’ and I realized this was a new pathway that I hadn’t thought about before.”

Autumn Blalock

Autumn Blalock

Theatre and Psychology Co-major
Captiol Heights, Md.
“Albright’s my family. The people here look out for you. Albright is a unique community and understands that all the students who attend are unique, too. Don’t just find a school. Find family.”

Carolyn Cortes

Sociology/Anthropology Major
Carbondale, Pa.
Combining evolutionary and psychological concepts from her anthropology and sociology majors, Carolyn Cortes ’20 explored societal connection over 80,000 years. #connection

Amantle Mogara ’21

Amantle Mogara

Business Administration and French Co-Major
Phakalana, Botswana
Mogara’s professors adjusted her testing schedule so that she could participate in the World Swimming Championships over finals week.