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Dual Enrollment

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Highly motivated high school juniors and seniors may apply to earn college credit at Albright College, while still enrolled in high school. Courses count towards an Albright bachelor’s degree or can be transferred to other colleges or universities.

Albright College offers Dual Enrollment courses — covering a variety of topics — each fall, spring and summer session. Dual Enrollment students will spend part of each week day morning taking part in classes on Albright’s college campus and earning college credit.


Albright College courses are equal to one unit (the equivalent of 4 credits at most institutions) unless otherwise stated. Students completing four courses (4 units/16 credits) over their junior and senior years of high school will have the equivalent of a full semester complete before beginning college.


Earn even more college credit, by pairing a Dual Enrollment course with a concurrent TExpL research course. The TExpL introductory research course is equivalent to a ¼-unit (1 credit), so students pairing TExpL with a Dual Enrollment course will earn 1.25 units per semester (the equivalent of 5 credits at most institutions).

$500 – Dual Enrollment course for high school juniors and seniors
$125 – TExpL introductory research course

$1,561 – Dual Enrollment course for community members and college students not enrolled at Albright

Choosing courses

Students may choose a 100-level college course, offered on a space-available basis. Your first choice may not be available. Students accepted into the Total Experience Dual Enrollment program will also be automatically registered for SPI 101 – Introductory Research. Learn about transferability of Albright College courses.

Getting acclimated to campus

Before the semester begins, dual enrollment Dual Enrollment students will receive information by email, including a campus map and directions, a personal Albright College email address, campus computer login credentials and information on purchasing textbooks. Billing information will sent electronically through Albright email, and payment is due one week before the start of courses.

All Dual Enrollment students are encouraged to schedule a campus visit before starting classes. (Please mention that you are a “Dual Enrolled” student in the form’s “additional request” box.)

Students requesting impairment-related accommodations are encouraged to self-identity with Albright’s Student Accessibility & Advocacy Office at least one month before the start of the semester. Albright College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) to provide equal access to the educational environment.

Application deadlines

Aug. 1 for Fall courses (Accepts announced by Aug. 15)
Jan. 1 for Spring courses (Accepts announced by Jan. 15)
June 1 for Summer courses (Accepts announced by June 15)

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Have questions?
Call Nicole Christie, senior associate director of admission at (610) 921-7700 or email nchristie@albright.edu