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Albright College Summer Scholars Program

Jump start your college career!

The transition from high school to college can be rough. But help is available at Albright College, long before your first classes begin. Transition more smoothly while becoming familiar with Albright’s campus and people — through the college’s Summer Scholars program.

Along the way, you’ll:

  • Fulfill academic requirements
  • Begin exploring career options and take part in personal skill assessment
  • Build a supportive network of faculty, staff and peers
  • Develop successful learning strategies and skills
  • Learn to optimize important campus resources
  • Better understand faculty/academic expectations and college culture

Through Albright’s Summer Scholars program, you’ll form relationships with real counselors, advisors and tutors, who will provide a foundational framework for greater success and help to keep you on track throughout your first academic year.

Live on campus before move-in day! Monday, July 12-Friday, August 6, 2021

Summer Scholar participants will (COVID permitting) live in an Albright residence hall during the four-week summer program. Make friends, network and discover Albright’s supportive community before the fall semester begins!

Summer Scholars curriculum

In addition to the initial four week summer program, Summer Scholars benefit from a comprehensive full first-year program. Scholars will be enrolled in a modified First Year Seminar course that offers additional focus on improving writing skills and understanding college-level academic expectations. Student success programming will encompass financial planning, information literacy, time management, project management strategies and self-assessment modules.

Your full year academic course load will be tailored just for you by a dedicated Student Support Specialist. Out of class activities may include group trips and in-residence virtual programming.

Summer Scholar Deposit Form