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Our Cohort-Based System

What is a cohort?

A cohort is a group of 9 to 15 adult students who complete the DCP as a unit. Students enjoy the collaborative learning that takes place within the cohort group, as well as the lasting relationships that develop. Once a cohort begins, Albright guarantees to run every course in the DCP sequence. Students in the cohort never have to worry about a course being cancelled due to low registration.

Why cohorts?

“When you enter Albright’s accelerated degree program, you will become part of a cohort, a small group of 9-15 adult students who go through all courses in their major together.

“You’ll experience, as I did as a working adult student, the many benefits of belonging to such a cohort: the knowledge, camaraderie and support offered by fellow members. I found out just how good it feels to shine as an individual and also to be a valued member of my group. And the experiences we shared kept me going, right up to cohort completion, graduation... and yes, after.

“Now, as an enrollment advisor for Albright’s Accelerated Degree Programs, I can tell you that the research supports my experience. Our numbers support it, too. I credit the cohort model with providing the built-in support that helps our students excel!”

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