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Meet Kay Burky

Major: Organizational Behavior /
Applied Psychology

Location: Lancaster
Position: Senior Vice President,
Director of Corporate Training
Favorite Classes: Program Evaluation, Statistical Analysis, Human Resource Management

Kay’s Story

After Kay Burky graduated from high school, she immediately landed a job as a bank teller. She made the choice not to go to college but it was a decision she would later regret.

Many years later, after her fiftieth birthday, Kay reconsidered her choice. “I realized I didn’t have to live with a sense of regret about my degree,” remembers Kay, who then worked as a Regional Training Manager at a local bank. With a sense of determination, Kay didn’t hesitate when she spotted an ad for Albright’s Accelerated Degree Program. She arranged to attend an open house. “I had some fears because I had a full-time job and a husband. Plus, I had no previous college experience at all,” admits Kay. “But Albright made the transition so easy. Books were even included in the tuition!”

With zero college credits, Kay was able to sign up for the Degree Start Program, ensuring that she would receive all the prerequisite classes necessary for graduation. Results came quickly. “Once I started, I was hooked. Every course became intoxicating, and I loved seeing the credits add up. I was fascinated with what I learned. Going to school later in life really opened up the world of academics to me.”

Kay Burky, organizational behavior/applied psychology major and a senior vice president, didn’t want to look back and regret paths not taken. She made a decision and found that it was the right one, and one that really paid off. Watch Kay in this video and learn how you can change your path... and your life.

The experience was also deeply practical and fed directly into her work. “I often applied things I learned in my psychology classes at work right away.” It was an approach that served Kay well. While she was in the program Kay got promoted to senior vice president at the bank. “Had I not been pursuing my undergraduate degree, I’m not sure that I would have gotten that promotion,” says Kay.

What surprised Kay (who graduated with a GPA of 3.91) most about the Accelerated Degree Program? “I really excelled!” she laughs, “There’s this new sense of confidence in me that I’ve been able to apply in other areas of my life.”

Kay’s Advice for Adult Students

“My advice to adult students is to make a decision. And once you make that decision, stand by it.”

Kay on Albright’s Credit for Life Experience

“I went back to college later in life, but I had always been working in a professional environment. I realized I had received a lot of training over the years... so my advisor helped me get credit for that training. I ended up getting 8 credits—the equivalent of two classes. Credit for Life Experience helped me move toward graduation even more quickly.”