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Meet Joanne Beck-Madsen

Major: Accounting
Location: Allentown
Employer: Exide Technologies
Job: Accountant
Favorite Class: Managerial Cost

Joanne's Story

A recent DCP college graduate and mother of three, Joanne describes herself as the poster child for Albright’s Accelerated Degree Program. But make no mistake, Joanne refuses to pigeonhole Albright’s accelerated degree students. “There are so many different backgrounds and ages!” explains Joanne.

The way Joanne sees it there is no “typical” student but rather two essential qualities that students bring into the program—drive and perseverance.

“Deep down inside, you have to really want it. If you have that desire, it doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or what you look like, you can do it,” she says.

Getting a degree lurked at the back of Joanne’s mind for many years, but she wondered how she would ever be able to balance a heavy academic workload with other obligations including a full-time job, husband and three daughters (aged 24, 19 and 14). When she found out about Albright’s DCP program, it fit both the realities of her life and her hopes for the future.

During the rigorous and diverse accounting curriculum, Joanne was able to pin down the specific field she wanted to pursue (corporate accounting). And though she struggled through some of her classes, she also experienced the elation of accomplishing her goals. “The support you receive from professors and fellow students gets you through all of the tough moments,” says Joanne.

Speaking of tough times, Joanne was unexpectedly laid off from her job a day before graduation. Things turned around a few months later, however, when Joanne landed an interview—and a job offer—with her new degree.

“They knew the kind of top-notch education I’d received,” says Joanne. “My degree from Albright was able to open this door for me at Exide Technologies. And I love this job. I don’t mind when the alarm goes off in the morning. It’s okay now. It’s a good thing.”

Joanne Beck-Madsen, accounting major and accountant at Exide Technologies, achieved her long-term goal of getting her degree—all while managing her responsibilities of a full-time job, three children, and husband. Watch her in this video and learn how Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Programs can help you achieve your goals.

Joanne on Lifelong Learning at Albright

“We all came to the program at different stages in our life. One woman was already a controller, but didn’t have her degree yet. There was a gentleman who was an internal audi tor for his company and another lady who wasn’ t doing any accounting work at all, but wanted to work for the IRS. What we held in common is that we were all willing to buckle down and help one another.”