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Meet Brian Rathgeb

Major: Crime and Justice
Location: Pottstown
Job: Police Officer
Favorite Classes: Crime, Culture and Conflict, Crime and Deviance

Brian's Story

A busy police officer, Brian Rathgeb always dreamed of completing his undergraduate degree. Yet, with his demanding work schedule, it never seemed to be the “right” time.

That is, until he met with a counselor from Albright. After one conversation, Brian immediately saw that the Accelerated Degree Program, with its dedicated faculty and unique student support systems of ‘cohorts,’ would finally help him attain his degree. “I saw the opportunity and knew nothing like that was going to come again, so I decided to commit.”

Initially, Brian was worried about balancing the demands of work and school, but with the support of everyone around him, he adjusted quickly. What made the difference? The “extreme dedication” shown by his professors, each one of whom answered his questions at any time of the day.

Moreover, as he progressed through the Crime & Justice program, Brian was able to apply what he learned in class to his day-to-day work. “It helped me directly in my career, in reviewing people and cases and understanding why people commit crimes,” reflects Brian. “So I’ve been able to relate what I learn in the classroom to real-life. The program has been great from that perspective as well.”

Brian Rathgeb, crime and justice major and police officer, saw an opportunity to fulfill his dream of continuing his education at one of Albright’s ADP convenient locations. Watch Brian in this video and learn how Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Programs can take you farther.

Following graduation, Brian plans on continuing his work as a police officer. But he also intends on pursuing a graduate degree so that he can pursue a brand new goal—becoming an adjunct professor—a dream that grew out of his relationship with the Albright faculty. “They try to encourage you to continue with your education and prosper, because education opens doors,” Brian says with a smile.

Among the many lessons Brian received at Albright, most of all, he realized the importance of making unwavering commitments. To those adults considering returning to college, he doesn’t hesitate to offer his advice. “Stop thinking about it and just do it. The time is now.”

Brian on the Albright Accelerated Degree Programs Difference

“Albright realizes how busy people are and how consumed they are with the demands of life, so they cater to adult students. They take care of all the details for you so you can apply your time to your studies and getting that degree.”