A Letter from the Dean

Dear Prospective Student and Lifelong Learners,

You have a multitude of options available to you as you seek a college or university that will best meet your educational needs, so this is written to provide you with an overview of Albright's Accelerated Degree Programs. Naturally, our preference would be to talk with you in person or by phone, so once you have finished perusing our site, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and provide you with a true sense of the community we and our students enjoy here.

Albright College has been building relationships and knowledge for more than 150 years, with our reach extending across most of the United States and into 24 other countries. Our tradition is grounded in service and quality teaching to our students. We are pleased to have lived that same tradition in the lives of adult learners seeking a college degree for over ten of those years through Albright's Accelerated Degree Programs. Our service is unparalleled and our quality uncompromised to adults with obligations of full-time employment, family life, and other commitments that would otherwise limit one's ability to continue his or her education. Our accelerated programs have annually served more than 500 adult students in the Blue Bell, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lehigh Valley, Pottstown and Reading communities, with an additional site begun in Delaware County.

Our mission, in short, is to provide a strong liberal arts education by:

  • Providing our students with a learner-centered environment
  • Encouraging a lifetime of academic, professional and personal growth
  • Providing regionally and nationally recognized education to adult learners
  • Delivering a traditional education in the most effective manner, sometimes through non-traditional means

Were you to join the Albright College community as an accelerated student, you would find yourself both supported and challenged in ways that you would experience at few other institutions. We embrace a service mindset coupled with academic rigor, which results in adding value to your life in both personal and professional ways. Our aim is to come alongside you as you grow personally and venture into greater responsibilities in your professional life. We provide you not only with an enhanced skill set, but with an enhanced ability to think critically — something that employers the world over are seeking today in their employees and new hires. That's the beauty of a liberal arts institution focused on its students' learning, and particularly at an institution like Albright, where faculty-student and student-peer relationships are stressed as defining factors in student success.

The Accelerated Degree Programs at Albright are comprised of the following two options:

Current students and graduates of our Accelerated Degree Programs consistently recommend Albright to friends, family members, and colleagues not only because continuing their education advanced them professionally, but also because of the specific nature of our programs. They find Albright to be a learning community of friendly, accessible, service-oriented professionals dedicated to our purpose in promoting people. Our students also discover that our cohort model provides a family-like atmosphere, with relationships being formed and maintained long after they have obtained their degrees.

Our students have busy lives. We want you to be focused on learning, so we have taken proactive steps towards limiting "distractions," such as having to purchase books for courses. Instead, we include books in the price of tuition and provide those books when you attend your first class in every course. We recognize that after a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is commute any considerable distance to complete your education. Albright has limited this challenge by providing the locations you see listed above, with most of our students traveling less than 15 minutes to one of our sites just once weekly. Web-enhanced courses, full access to our facilities, and other aspects of our programs are designed with our students in mind. As you explore the details of our programs, we hope it will be evident that we continually strive to tailor them to working adults who seek exceptional service in concert with all the benefits of a quality liberal arts education.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us online. We would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you personally about your educational goals and invite you to contact us by e-mail or phone at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,
Robert J. Cannon, Ed.D.
Dean of Continuing Education and Community Outreach