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Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

The accelerated program in information systems is based on common structures and degree programs in the United States and Canada. It also meets the recommendation of the Association for Computing Machinery, which sets a variety of standards in technology fields, as well as graduate study programs.

Academic Program Coordinator: Daniel Falabella, Ph.D.
tel: 610-921-7772

Lynette and Robert Clinton, husband and wife and information systems majors and IT professionals, determined that their careers would get a boost if they obtained their bachelor’s degrees... and Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Programs made that goal accessible and achievable. Read their story (as well as watch them in this video) and learn how ADP can accelerate your success as well.

What is Information Systems?

There continues to be an increasing demand for college graduates who possess an information systems (IS) degree. Projections are for the needs to be further unmet over the next five years, as the gap widens for supplying skilled individuals to IS jobs. We are faced with a major shortage, not only with regard to providing players with these needed skills, but also with regard to providing new leadership in burgeoning areas, as IS has moved into the mainstream of our economic culture. Globalization of business markets adds the need for communication and project teamwork to become part of a graduate’s repertoire. Exhibiting the knowledge and skills that such an IS degree requires, graduates can expect to be in strong positions to compete for managerial and analytical positions in many fields, including software design, database management, network consulting and e-commerce business, to name a few.

Course Descriptions

IST 905 Fundamentals of Information Systems

This course provides an introduction to systems and development concepts, information technology and application software. It explains how information is used in organizations and how IT enables improvement in quality, timeliness, and competitive advantage.

IST 910 & 915 Object-Oriented Programming
Module I and Module II

An introduction to the JAVA programming language. Techniques for developing solutions to business-related applications using the object model are discussed. Appropriate control structures, data structures, and file structures that are associated with information management are emphasized.

IST 920 Information Technology Hardware and Software

This course provides the hardware/software technology background to enable systems development personnel to understand tradeoffs in computer architecture for effective use in a business environment. System architecture for single user, central and networked computing systems is covered.

IST 926 Discrete Math

Mathematical logic is the cornerstone of computer and information sciences. The course covers sets, relations, functions, recurrence relations, logic gates, and graphs. The intention is to introduce the student to concepts that will be of use in developing algorithms and structural analysis solutions.

IST 930 Data Structures

This course presents object-oriented software methodology in data definition and measurement. Abstract data type construction and use in developing IS applications is explored. Formal problem solving strategies will be presented.

IST 936 Operating Systems

An operating system is primarily a resource manager; it manages processes, storage, input/output devices, and data. This course will concentrate on these four areas and the relevant principles involved with each. Structure and implementation of multi-programmed and time shared computer systems will be studied. Discussions will center around either the Unix or Linux environments.

IST 940 Statistics

Fundamental methods involved in the collection and presentation of data, in order to properly describe various features of that data, are studied. Topics include measurements of location and variation, probability and sampling distribution, hypothesis testing, and statistical analysis.

IST 945 & 950 Structural Analysis and Logical Design

These courses provide an understanding of the system development and modification process. They enable students to evaluate and choose a system development methodology. They emphasize the factors for effective communication and integration with users and user systems. Additional topics covered are object-oriented analysis and design, use of data modeling tools, and development and adherence to life cycle standards.

IST 955 Database Management Principles

This course covers information systems design and implementation within a database management systems environment. Students will work through the entire process of database development and creation. Focus will be on relational databases, data modeling, SQL, and the creation of online databases.

IST 960 Advanced Database Concepts

This course introduces the client/server database model and its use in the Oracle database system. Hands-on projects are incorporated into the course to give students meaningful practice in understanding client-server systems and relational databases. Creation of an integrated database application and a web application will be part of the tasks assigned.

IST 971 Advanced Topics

IST 965 Data Communications

IST 975 & 980 Project Management and Practice
Module I and Module II

These capstone courses cover the factors necessary for successful management of system development or enhancement projects. Both technical and behavioral aspects of project management are discussed. The focus is on management of development for enterprise-level systems.