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Qualifications for Admission

  • Associate degree or a minimum of 48 transferable credits
  • 23 years of age or older with five years of documented, full-time work or volunteer experience
  • Completion of application including a personal statement/ essay
  • A 2.0 cumulative average or above for transfer credits
  • One transferable English composition course (3 credits)
  • Computer technology proficiency

All Applicable fields are required (except for the Optional Section)

Program, Major, and Location

Degree Completion Program (for students with at least 48 credits)
Degree Start Program

Business Administration
Crime & Justice
Information Systems
ISAM (Information Systems and Management)
Organizational Behavioral / Applied Psychology

Blue Bell
Delaware County/Media

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Previous Education

Beginning with the most recent, list all post-secondary institutions you attended for credit, and request official transcripts from each to be sent to the Accelerated Degree Programs office. If you do not have any college credits, list the high school you graduated from and request official transcripts to be sent to our office.

Institution Name & Location

Attendance Dates (MM/YY)

Major & Degree or Number of Credits

Have you ever applied to Albright College (traditional or accelerated program) before?
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Additional Training

List any technical training, non-credit, or adult education, courses you have taken.

Description of Training

Attendance Dates (MM/YY)

Name of Institution

Employment History

Beginning with the most recent experience, list the full-time or volunteer positions you have held. In addition, you are encouraged to submit a personal resume with your application.

Employer or Volunteer Organization and Location

Employment Dates (MM/YY)

Position Held

Are you eligible to receive any tuition reimbursement from your employer? If yes, please submit a copy of your employer's reimbursement policy.
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Military Experience

(Please include a copy of your DD214)


Occupational Specialty

Do you expect to receive Veteran Benefits?
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Albright College's new Yellow Ribbon Veterans Award allows qualified veterans of the US Armed Services to earn an Albright degree at no cost. Albright will offer qualifying veterans an award that covers the difference between federal veterans’ subsidies and Albright tuition. The Post-9/11 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program provide subsidies to veterans who have served at least 36 months of active duty after September 11, 2001, and who enroll as full- or part-time undergraduate or graduate students. The College will cover the remainder of the tuition.

Financial Aid

Will you be applying for financial aid?
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You may complete an electronic version of the FAFSA on the web at Our school code is 003229. Pennsylvania residents need to file by May 1 to be considered for Pennsylvania state grants for the following fall semester.

Referral Source

How did you learn about our programs? Please check all that apply, and provide specifics whenever possible.
Internet Search
Internet Ad
       Website (if known)
Web Link from Community College
       Location (if known)
Newspaper (ad or article)
Magazine (ad or article)
College Newsletter / Paper
Education Guide
       Station (if known)

       Channel (if known)
Current Albright Student
Albright Alumnus(a)
Student at Another College
Friend or Relative
Onsite Corporate / College Visit
Transfer / Education Fair
Poster / Flyer at Community College

Demographic Information

The following optional information is for reporting purposes only and will not be used in the admission process.
Gender (check one)

Marital Status (check one)
Ethnicity (check one)
American Indian / Alaskan Native
Black / African American
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander
White, Non-Hispanic

Religious Affiliation
Country of Citizenship

Please list any additional information not included above (other colleges attended, additional training, etc) in the textbox below.

Personal Statement

Please respond to two of the three essay questions below and limit each response to 250-500 words. You may choose which two of the three questions to complete. The completion of all three questions is optional. (NOTE: You can either submit the essay portion by postal mail or electronically in the fields below.)

Write an autobiographical statement regarding your previous academic experience, clearly stating the reasons for continuing your education in the textbox below.

Describe an intellectual pursuit or experience that has had special value for you in the textbox below.

Briefly state your purpose for coming to Albright and discuss possible plans after you complete your degree work in the textbox below.

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