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Albright Writing Center

Information for ADP and Online Students

What is the Writing Center?

The Albright Writing Center is a free peer tutoring service to assist you in writing for all of your Albright courses. We can assist with any aspect of writing for any course. In a one-on-one session, online chat session, or through e-mailed feedback, we will guide you in strategies for writing and revising. Our philosophy is to provide you with ideas and resources as we guide you in making your own changes. The center is located on the main Reading campus on the first floor of the Administration Building. You can view our current hours of operation or make an appointment through our online records and appointment system. For more information on our services, click here for our flyer on “Writing Center Services for ADP and Online Students.”

Can you help me with research skills?

We can assist you with research skills, but for library-based research we also encourage you to contact the college’s reference librarians at Gingrich Library: 610-921-7211.

I have additional questions. How can I contact you?

If you have questions, please contact the Writing Center at writingcenter@albright.edu or (610) 921-7540. The director, Rachel Liberatore, can be reached at rliberatore@albright.edu, in her office in the Writing Center on the first floor of the Administration Building, or at (610) 921-7854.  

What if I can’t visit in person?

ADP or online students are strongly encouraged to visit the Writing Center in person. However, ADP or online students have additional options due to the nature of the program and can also have a telephone session, online chat session or e-mailed margin comments. For more information, click here for our flyer on “Writing Center Services for ADP and Online Students.”

Online Chat Tutoring

Our new online chat tutoring appointments allow you to have an interactive discussion about writing even if you are unable to visit in person. During online chat, a whiteboard is available on which you and the tutor can brainstorm or pull up an essay. Online chat appointments can be made for 30 or 60 minutes, just like an in-person appointment. Please click here for our flyer on how to sign up for an online chat appointment.

Essay Feedback Submission Form for E-mailed Feedback

This form should only be used by Albright students in an ADP program or taking an online course at Albright and unable to visit the Albright Writing Center in person. Regular day students should visit us in person rather than using this form.

We ask for two or more workdays to provide feedback.  We are unable to provide feedback on some holidays, Saturdays, the last two weeks of December, and other dates of closure.

If you have trouble using this form, please email the information requested in the form to writingcenter@albright.edu along with your essay as an attachment.

Please note that ALL fields below are required to submit this form.

Are you:  ADP Student  Online Student (not in the ADP program)   Other (please specify: )

If you are an Online Student (not in the ADP program), please select your class rank from the following: 

Full name: First Last

E-mail address (please double-check spelling and include the @albright.edu):

E-mail address again:

Phone number:      ADP cohort (or indicate "online course"):



The date/time by which you need to receive feedback:

What are your areas of writing concern, or what questions do you have about your writing?

What else do you want your tutor to know? (If you are not attaching assignment guidelines as a Microsoft Word or pdf file, you should give the assignment guidelines here)

Please attach your essay in a Microsoft Word file. You can also attach assignment guidelines or grading rubrics if your professor has provided you with a Word version or uploaded them to your class Moodle. Please note that multiple documents must be combined and saved as a single document in order to submit via this form. (PLEASE include your last name as part of the filename, e.g. "Smith-essay.doc")

In order to help prevent abuse of this form, please enter the red letter from the image below.

logo   Please use lowercase.

You can contact us at writingcenter@albright.edu or (610) 921-7540 if you have questions