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Academic Department Chair Handbook
Albright College
(revised fall 2016)

IV.  Chair Support & Resources

A.  Chair Compensation Guidelines (from Faculty Handbook)

Chairs of departments with fewer than three full-time persons are expected to carry a full 18-hour teaching load with additional compensation equivalent to one-quarter the part-time salary for one course. Chairs of department with three (3), four (4), or five (5) full-time persons may carry a 16.5-hour load per year or receive equivalent compensation of one-half course in part-time salary. This half course may be banked for two semesters and exchanged for either monetary compensation equivalent to one course overload, or one course release in that semester. In cases of larger departments, the chair may carry a 15-hour load or receive compensation equivalent to one course of part-time salary. In addition, the chairperson will receive an additional stipend for each FTE in the department, as calculated by the Registrar. The amount of the per-FTE stipend is currently $250 per FTE.

B.  Professional Development

The Provost will support attendance at professional development workshops for department chairs. The Council of Independent Colleges offers a regional, annual workshop that is excellent. In addition, some disciplinary organizations, such as the MLA, offer ones geared to particular disciplines.  All department chairs are strongly encouraged to attend such a workshop. CIC also supports a chair listserv that can provide easy access to a network of colleagues. To join, click here.

C.  Chair Evaluation

Each year, the members of your department will provide feedback regarding your performance as chair from their perspective by completing this Confidential Evaluation of Department Chair form. Responses will be tallied and shared with you by the Provost. As with any feedback, you should consider carefully what your faculty have to say regarding your fulfillment of your roles, as this will help make you a better chair and make the department stronger.