Language Requirement for Students in Spring 2019 & Prior

Language Requirement for Students Entering Spring 2019 and Before

How many courses will you take to fulfill the world languages and cultures requirement?

Students who begin their studies in French, German, Latin, or Spanish 101 take three courses.

Students who begin their studies in French, German, Latin, or Spanish 102 or 201 take two courses (either 102 and 201 or 201 and 202).

Students who begin in 301 take one course.

How are you placed in the appropriate language course? When you choose classes for your first semester, you will indicate which language you wish to study. If you choose to study the same language you studied in high school, the Department of World Languages and Cultures will place you in the appropriate level of French, German, Latin or Spanish based on your years of study in high school, course grades and academic background and the available starting points at Albright (French 101, 102, 201, 301; German 101, 102, 201;  Latin 101; Spanish 101, 102, 201/203, 301). We may also ask you to complete a brief assessment on the first or second day of your language class at Albright.

Where are bilingual students placed? If you consider yourself a bilingual, native or heritage speaker of French, German or Spanish, please contact us at We will arrange a personal oral interview, online placement test or writing sample to help us determine the best course for you to continue your language study.

Where are AP and CLEP students placed?

Contact us at

Do you need to study a world or classical language at Albright if you were exempt from studying foreign language in high school due to the impact of a disability? If you never studied and/or completed a world or classical language in high school due to a disability, please refer to the foreign language accommodation policy. All academic accommodations are coordinated by the office of Student Accessibility and Advocacy. Please contact that office by email or phone (610-929-6639) for more information about accommodations for foreign language courses and submitting documentation of your disability to obtain disability services in all your courses in college.

What do you do if you studied a language other than French, German, Latin or Spanish? Please contact us at We’ll respond within 48 hours.

Do you have a question that we didn’t answer? Email us at, and we’ll respond within 48 hours.