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World Languages and Cultures Requirement

Why does Albright College want its students to take a world or classical language? Familiarity with another language is an integral part of a liberal arts education. The study of languages and cultures helps to fulfill Albright’s general education goal that you know the world more fully by serving as a gateway to other cultures and providing a foundation for more intensive exploration of international issues and an understanding of the nature of responsible, engaged global citizenship. You gain practical experience and the intellectual benefits of learning a second language and begin to prepare for living as a citizen of an increasingly interdependent world.

What language should you study? Choosing a language of study is a personal matter. Some students prefer to choose a modern language based on the number of speakers. Others base their choice on personal interest. Some study a language their ancestors spoke. At Albright, we have three modern world languages for you to choose from—French, German, and Spanish—and one classical language, Latin.

Rachel Roseman, Class of ‘16

“I chose to study French because the language is riddled with a deep historical and literary history. Studying French enables students to also study literature: they are learning the language of Flaubert, Voltaire, and Molière.”

Patrick Wise, Class of ‘16:

“I chose German because that’s what I studied in high school for four years. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I decided to start taking it all the way back then but it was just a fun language, and the German culture was always interesting to me.“

Patrick McGann, Class of ‘17:

“I chose Spanish because I understood that it is the second most spoken language in the U.S and that it would help me as a future educator to connect with students from Spanish-speaking homes. I now have a solid foundation of the Spanish language and culture that I will be able to lean on for the rest of my life as a teacher.”

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