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Sciences at Albright

A science student conducts an experiment during class at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Where Can Your Science Degree from Albright Take You? Almost Anywhere!

The demand for scientists is expected to soar, with more than 110,000 jobs likely to be added in the coming decade.

Albright College will prepare you well for the opportunities that lie ahead.

We offer seven distinct science programs that enable you to pursue your passions. And whichever major course of study you choose, you will get the hands-on experience that will truly set you apart. You’ll work closely with faculty. You’ll explore exciting new ideas and conduct lab experiments in our 78,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art science center. And you’ll be challenged every step of the way.

Whether you plan to go on to graduate school or go directly into the workforce, we will help you find the fit that is right for you.

Biology Program

Biology majors at Albright have gone to work in a wide range of exciting fields – from medicine to biotechnology to education and beyond. Our goal is to help all our students develop their critical-thinking skills and foster a comprehensive knowledge of and appreciation for the many dimensions of the biological sciences.


“I could not have asked for a better research experience.”

— Sarah Hosler ’20

Biochemistry Program

Albright boasts a 100% placement rate for chemistry and biochemistry majors who apply to graduate school. Those who look to start their careers after graduation have landed positions at Penn State Health, GSK, Dow, and many other prestigious organizations. Find out what makes a biochemistry degree from Albright so valuable.


Environmental Science Program

If you want to be at the forefront of environmental action and change? Albright College is a great place to start. Our rigorous curriculum and hands-on learning will give you the knowledge and insights to make a difference in government, consulting, and private industry.


Enviornmental sciecne student holding sample
plant samples in lab

Chemistry Program

From answering the world’s energy needs to finding new cures, the world is looking at today’s chemists for answers. At Albright, we will prepare you exceptionally for that challenge. Here, you will gain valuable experience in the classroom and in the lab. And working with our passionate faculty and students, you will graduate ready to conquer the toughest challenges.


“It was humbling to have so many of my professors and mentors write letters of recommendation on my behalf. I’m extremely thankful to have been able to build relationships with each one of them during my time at Albright.”

— Erika Hollinger ’22
Early Acceptance Medical School Student

Student testing sample
student pouring sample

Marine and Aquatic Science Program

If you are majoring in biology, biochemistry, or environmental science, you may want to consider a minor in marine and aquatic science. The coursework will enhance your knowledge of biological systems, with a focus on water-based habits. Our Environmental Science majors in particular have found that this minor opens many doors to graduate school.


Physics Program

Albright physics grads are simply in a league of their own. A full 100% of our students are accepted to graduate school; 100% pass the PRAXIS exam and 75% who take the GRE for graduate school score at least 780 out of 800. Find out what makes Albright’s physics program so elite.


FACT: 100% of chemistry/biochemistry majors are accepted to graduate school or begin a scientific career following graduation.

Psychobiology Program

The bachelor of science in psychobiology is ideal for developing an appreciation of the emerging fields of neuroscience and health psychology. This major will prepare you for a wide range of careers, including psychology, psychobiology, biology, veterinary medicine, and the health professions, to name just a few.